Ever finished a sweaty, heart-pumping workout feeling you’re walking on air? A killer workout isn’t just good for our body, it’s practically the cure-all for our mood too—thanks to endorphins. Even better, we don’t need anything more than our own body to reap the full-fledged benefits of a little fitness. To prove it to you, we’ve partnered with Under Armour and fitness trainer Lacee Lazoff for a quick *but fierce* bodyweight workout designed to boost your endorphins. With a special emphasis on your core and ending with a grounding gratitude exercise, this routine will leave you feeling strong, optimistic, and grateful for everything that your body can do.

You may not need specific gear for this bodyweight workout, but it’s always a good idea to dress for success. The perfect workout outfit shouldn’t just check the style and comfort boxes, it should crush those core exercises right along with you. Whether it’s the Meridian leggings or the Evolution SmartForm Bra, we’re choosing Under Armour for apparel that moves with us, not against us (saggy waistband, we’re looking at you). Paired with the Women’s UA HOVR™ Omnia Training Shoes, this fitness fit is yet another thing to be grateful for!