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Ophira and Tali Edut, known as the AstroTwins, are professional astrologers based out of New York and Seattle. Their work has been featured in The New York Times, Elle Magazine, Vogue and Good Morning America and they are the authors AstroStyle, Love Zodiac, Shoestrology, and Momstrology.

June 3, 2023

Between Venus making moves into fiery Leo and Pluto’s continued backspin, this week is nothing short of eventful. Here’s your horoscope, from the AstroTwins.


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The summer love forecast goes from mild to wild this Monday, June 5, as Venus struts into glamorous Leo

Venus in Leo drapes the cosmic catwalk in eye-popping colors and sexy, sequined sizzle. Colossal courtships are on Cupid’s menu—and not just for a night or two. The love planet lounges in Leo for an extra-long, four-month showcase (until October 8) instead of the usual four weeks.

The reason for this extended visit, however, might not be your favorite announcement. But here goes: From July 22 to September 3, Venus will be retrograde, a disruptive cycle that comes around every 18 months.

Brace yourself: During the backspin, Leo’s “lights, camera, action” energy could spin your personal fairy tale into a straight-up soap opera. Get ahead of the curve by working through any brewing lovers quarrels now.

Does your branding need a refresh? Competition could get fierce during the retrograde, so make sure your visuals are on-point and sending out the right message to the world. Summon design star Venus and pick your fonts, themes, palettes and overall “lewk.”

Quick warning! Venus in Leo tangoes with a couple planets this week, which could bring an extra layer of complexity to the game

Trust issues flare as the love planet locks horns with furtive Pluto in Aquarius on Monday. When you’re getting to know people, it’s wise to be self-protective; but stop short of secrecy.

Share any helpful data that others need for their own productivity or decision-making. And don’t air personal information that could circle back in a damaging way (to you or others).

When Venus squares Jupiter this weekend, the grass looks greener everywhere but under your feet. The two “benefic” planets (named that for their positive, helpful influence) are at odds, making people selfish and impossible to satisfy.

With Venus in demanding Leo and Jupiter in particular Taurus, it may feel like nothing you do is good enough for other people—and vice-versa. Hold off on making any major decisions, whether that’s on the status of your relationship or whether to book that summer vacation Airbnb that has a couple of questionable reviews.


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Sunday is a packed day in the cosmos

Power monger Pluto slips out of Aquarius and takes one of its two final laps through Capricorn, before leaving the Sea Goat’s sanctum for good on November 19, 2024. While this retrograde wages on until October 10, it demands a deep inspection of our finances, structures and relationship to power.

Pluto only comes to each sign every 248 years, leaving an indelible imprint when it does. Since 2008, Pluto’s been rocking government, business, and the economy, leaving them all forever changed.

In the United States, the tiny avenger entered and exited Capricorn in pivotal election and economic years. Instead of throwing your hands up, heed the call to step into your own leadership and “be the change.”

On a lighter note, buzzy Mercury comes home to loquacious Gemini (one of the two signs it rules) from Sunday through June 26

Conversations will be the ultimate catnip during this cosmic kiki, but prepare to pivot…often. A single conversation could swerve from dissecting swimsuit trends to an intellectual discourse on trans kids’ rights in the educational system.

Got a message to broadcast? Grab the mic during this media-savvy transit. You never know… guesting on a podcast or live-streaming on social could make you internet famous!

In “twinning” Gemini, you could meet someone with BFF credentials. But watch for fickleness. Mobile Mercury could send you across the fence to see if the grass is legit greener on the other side. Don’t ditch your loyal crew because you’ve met some shiny, new people. 

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