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September 23, 2022 — 9:30 AM

While weight and body composition concerns are often siloed as the only determinants of metabolic health, the truth is that metabolism physiology is incredibly multidimensional, and a healthy metabolism affects so much more than what a scale can tell us—including hormone balance, cardiometabolic efficiency, blood sugar levels, and longevity (to name a few).

The fact is, very few Americans are actually metabolically healthy (only 12%, to be exact). With so many people struggling to nurture an active metabolism and maintain cardiometabolic health, mindbodygreen felt it was time to provide a tangible and targeted solution to supplement foundational health habits that promote metabolic health—literally.



Multi-pronged approach to promote healthy weight & body composition*


Introducing: mbg’s metabolism+.

This premium, plant-powered supplement is cutting edge and anchored in research. It delivers five unique botanicals (cayenne pepper, veld grape, grains of paradise, and EGCG and caffeine from green tea leaf extract) in their full-potency doses clinically shown to promote appetite regulation, healthy body composition, neuroendocrine hormone balance, major cardiometabolic health parameters (think blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol), and more.*

Whether you’re looking to optimize your body’s calorie burn and fat metabolism, curb cravings and feel satisfied, promote energy balance, or bolster your cardiometabolic health, mbg’s high-quality formula can help you maintain an active, healthy metabolism.*

But don’t just take our word for it: Physicians, nutritionists, neuroscientists, longevity and performance experts, botanical researchers, and hormone health coaches all agree—metabolism+ is an innovative daily tool that gives people a metabolic advantage.* 

Enough from me; it’s time for these metabolic health gurus to have the floor:

“Packed with evidence-based botanicals that support comprehensive metabolic health.”

“Before I was a doctor specializing in performance medicine and helping clients leverage pivotal wellness strategies like targeted nutrition, I was a doctor personally struggling with excess weight and suffering with cardiometabolic health dysfunction (all before the age of 40). It’s a journey and metamorphosis I don’t regret. Why? Because now I know how crucial metabolic health is for my whole-body health and longevity. And I get to empower and equip people striving for holistic health. Fact: Metabolic efficiency and a long, healthy life go hand-in-hand. That’s why mindbodygreen’s metabolism+ formula is such a useful daily tool. It’s packed with evidence-based botanicals that support bioenergetics, comprehensive metabolic health, and a healthy body composition for the long haul.”*

Kien Vuu, M.D., The Performance and Longevity Doc & bestselling author

“Science-backed tools that help give my clients a metabolic advantage.”

“Our nation has weight management and metabolic health crises. Nourishing our gut and maintaining proper energy balance by consuming more plants (fiber but also herbs and spices), healthy fats, and quality protein while remaining active throughout life are some powerful ways to reclaim our metabolic health. I’m always excited to find science-backed tools that help give my clients a metabolic advantage, because weight maintenance is challenging! I’ve been using green tea extract, caffeine, and Capsimax® in my weight loss practice for over a decade. That’s why I’m thrilled that mindbodygreen’s metabolism+ serves up these stellar botanicals in one product.”*

Melina Jampolis, M.D., physician nutrition specialist, podcast host & bestselling author

“Shown to reduce cravings and body fat, and promote healthy body composition.”

“Chili peppers and their capsaicinoid compounds are famous for being spicy. mbg’s metabolism+ is literally bringing that heat by featuring Capsimax® in their metabolism+ formula. Capsimax® is a widely researched, whole-food red chili pepper extract. Using controlled-release technology, you glean the health benefits of this premium cayenne pepper fruit extract gently (without any stomach upset). Clinical research supports the truly multifaceted metabolic benefits of this powerhouse pepper. The unique botanical ingredient has been shown to increase metabolism, activate thermogenic calorie and fat burn, reduce cravings and body fat, and promote healthy body composition.”*

Deshanie Rai, Ph.D., FACN, vice president of global scientific & regulatory affairs at OmniActive Health Technologies

“Plant-powered strategy to fine-tune and optimize metabolic health.”

“Two decades ago, I left my clinical practice to solely focus on educating and empowering others through diet and lifestyle to optimize health and healing. While healthy living must be personalized to the individual, the tried-and-true pillars are whole foods and regular movement. Colorful plant-laden nutrition and daily physical activity that preserve muscle mass, fuel an active metabolism, and nurture long-term cardiometabolic health are foundational. With an evidence-based ingredient lineup (cayenne pepper, EGCG, caffeine, and more), mbg’s metabolism+ is a targeted plant-powered strategy I can stand behind to help my clients fine-tune and optimize their metabolic health.”*

Ann Kulze, M.D., physician, nutrition expert, bestselling author & founder of The Healthy Living School®️

“Extra support in weight loss to jump-start and maintain metabolic health!”

“This plant-powered formula is remarkably effective. mindbodygreen combines my top metabolism-boosting ingredient recommendations (green tea leaves, veld grape, and cayenne pepper) as pure extracts in one easy product. Combined with grains of paradise from Africa, this multi-ingredient supplement features five premium botanicals from around the world, in their clinically researched doses, to deliver 360-degree daily metabolic support. My clients use metabolism+ whenever they need a reset. It provides them extra support in weight loss to jump-start and maintain their metabolic health!”*

Ella Davar, R.D., CDN, longevity dietitian & health counselor

“It’s able to enhance your metabolic rate and increase energy expenditure.”

“A key component of metabolism+ is a powerful botanical extract, ThermoGP, from grains of paradise. This unique fruit comes from West Africa. It’s able to enhance your metabolic rate and increase energy expenditure. It also thermogenically attacks your visceral fat—the fat layer around your abdominal organs—and has been clinically shown to reduce visceral fat. It works on what is called, brown adipose tissue (BAT), by burning calories to generate energy. For daily metabolic support, ThermoGP is a leader in this plant-powered formula from mindbodygreen.”*

Michael Lelah, Ph.D., chief science officer at NutriScience Innovations

“Exclusively designed to support our body’s efficient conversion of food to fuel.”

“Balancing energy intake and blood sugar is critical to support our brain, mood, digestion, hormones, and overall health. While ‘metabolism’ is often synonymous with weight loss, it is actually so much more. Metabolism is truly about how our body creates energy from the foods that we eat. mbg’s metabolism+ is exclusively designed to support our body’s efficient conversion of food to fuel, while also promoting fat burn and balance of hunger and satiety hormones and energy intake. This advanced formula goes far beyond simply supporting a healthy weight.”*

Brooke Scheller, DCN, M.S., CNS, doctor of clinical nutrition

“Perfectly positioned to improve metabolic rate while managing appetite.”

“mindbodygreen is my go-to when it comes to supplements. Not only is mbg a company I trust, but I know that they always source quality ingredients rooted in rigorous science. And metabolism+ is exactly that! The green tea, cayenne pepper, veld grape, and grains of paradise botanical combination in this impressive formula is going to be ideal for my clients. I help empower people to make impactful lifestyle changes to improve their health, but some folks need a boost when it comes to metabolism. This formula is perfectly positioned to improve metabolic rate while managing appetite. And the biggest perk? Hormone balance!”*

Federica Muggenburg, NHC, HHC, AADP, integrative chef & nutritional/hormone health coach

“Directly supports appetite hormone, energy, and blood sugar balance.”

“Sometimes it feels like your metabolism is working against you (because it literally is). As a neuroscientist, I’m fascinated by the physiological underpinnings of metabolic efficiency. One of the most overlooked factors is hormone balance. I’m talking about neuroendocrine hormones like serotonin that are critical for appetite regulation, as well as leptin and adiponectin—hormones involved in our ability to burn fat and balance blood sugar levels. All five botanical ingredients in metabolism+ excite me, but veld grape is especially noteworthy, as it’s been shown in clinical research to directly support appetite hormone, energy, and blood sugar balance.”*

Milene Brownlow, Ph.D., neuroscientist & cognitive health scientist

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medications, consult with your doctor before starting a supplement routine. It is always optimal to consult with a health care provider when considering what supplements are right for you.



Multi-pronged approach to promote healthy weight & body composition*



Multi-pronged approach to promote healthy weight & body composition*




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