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September 22, 2022 — 0:02 AM

Summer is officially over, and with that, autumn—and Libra season—have begun. For the next four weeks, there’s quite a bit going on in the stars, so we’ll all want to be prepared. Here’s what to know, plus how to work with this Libra season’s energy, from an astrologer.

What to know about this Libra season:

When thinking about Libra season, it’s noteworthy to remember that it aligns with the autumn equinox (in the northern hemisphere, at least). As astrology expert Imani Quinn tells mbg, we’ve reached the halfway point of the astrological year, and now we’re ready to transition into fall energy—a time for both harvesting and planting seeds.

But take heed: this Libra season is going to have six retrograde planets at play, so things may feel a bit topsy-turvy. And, Quinn says we’re all going to be encouraged to replace that heightened and activated summertime energy with rest and reflection.

“Because of Libra season having such a heavy reflective energy right now, it’s important to stay focused, expect challenges to arise, and know that it’s all happening for your greatest good and highest plan with these six retrogrades happening,” Quinn tells mbg adding, “And Libra being ruled by Venus and also by our seventh house is giving us some time to lean into our relationships and to really focus in on our partnerships.”

To that end, she notes, Libra is very social, always making connections—whether those be romantic, friendly, or professional. “This might mean your work life is a little heightened now. You might be looking for a new job and landing that new job, or coming into different partnerships,” she says, noting to be sure to look really closely at any contracts or correspondence (since Mercury is retrograde until early October).

How to work with the energy:

In terms of how to work with the energy of this Libra season, Quinn tells mbg to lean into autumnal activities, and particularly ones that allow you to connect with your favorite people. Maybe that means a fall harvest dinner with friends, or practicing an autumn equinox ritual.

In addition to that, with so many planets in retrograde, we’re being asked to reflect on everything we learned this summer, and integrate it in the coming weeks. We can also ask ourselves how we can welcome change into our lives during this time, as the start of a new season is all about change. Maybe that means literally reorganizing your closet, Quinn says, or perhaps doing some more internal, metaphorical reorganization.

“The main thing to pay attention to for Libra season is harmonizing and finding balance—the goal is harmony and bringing balance to all areas of life right now,” Quinn explains. Whether you need to focus more on your relationships, more on your career, or more on “me-time,” she adds that this is the time of year when we’re being pushed to find that happy middle ground.

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Libra’s priority is peace and balance—and this Libra season offers us an opportunity to make it happen. There may be six planets in retrograde, but rest assured, there’s still plenty to be gained (and harvested) as the sun makes its way through Libra over the next few weeks.

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