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September 10, 2022 — 12:02 PM

With Mercury retrograde in Libra all week, this is the moment to recalibrate any connections that are slipping off balance. Here’s your horoscope from the AstroTwins.

Friday’s challenging dust-up between cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars could bring a sharp wake-up call.

With Venus in pragmatic Virgo, do your level best to focus on solutions rather than pointing out your love interest’s “mistakes.”

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That will be extra challenging though! As Mars gallops in on Gemini’s game-playing steed, the most basic conversation can turn into a mind-boggling debate. While this is certainly not the time to sweep issues under the rug, put the triggering ones in the parking lot until this temperamental transit passes in a couple days.

Even if you do lay all your cards on the table, you’re likely to be misunderstood. Remember: Trouble in paradise doesn’t have to mean the end of the fairy tale. If you’ve been stuck in a holding pattern, the dynamic Mars-Venus square motivates change. And it can be as simple as planning a weekend day trip instead of using the whole day for chores.

Messenger Mercury hits an opposition to candid Jupiter on Sunday, pushing the envelope of what is considered “appropriate” communication.

What were you carrying on about during the first of these planetary face-offs on (or near) September 2? That topic could be a hot one again, but it comes with a heat advisory warning! Thanks to Mercury being retrograde in diplomatic Libra this time, the gloves are off. And with Jupiter in combative Aries, you might deliver a knockout punch if you make your point with forceful aggression. While that might feel like a victory, don’t start pouring the champagne yet. You’re going to have to face the same music on October 12 when these planets duel again. A word to the wise: Don’t provoke any battles if you aren’t sure that you can finish the fight with dignity.

Another question to ponder this Sunday: How much is too much? Relying on gut checks and public consensus won’t be the best yardstick as the Virgo Sun dances into a mystifying formation with secretive Pluto. Better break out the measuring cups and read over those Google Analytics reports. The benefit of this muddling mashup is that it allows you to powerfully tune in to the present moment. Pause from strategic planning and postpone those Zooms. Downloads could come while you retreat from the action and draw from a deep well of inspiration within your own psyche. An esoteric notion might make more sense than you think.

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