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13 Signs you're in a one-sided friendship

August 25, 2022 — 18:03 PM

If you’ve ever looked up your crush’s astrological sign, you’re likely privy to the idea that the stars can influence compatibility. Some signs certainly are thought to get along better than others, and in the case of a Virgo-Scorpio matchup, here’s what you’ll want to know, according to astrologers.

Virgo & Scorpio compatibility.

To understand how these two signs align, let’s first consider what they’re all about. Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, symbolized by the Virgin. It’s an earth sign ruled by the planet Mercury, and its modality is mutable. Virgos are known for being analytical, critical, and dedicated to service.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, symbolized by the Scorpion. It’s a water sign ruled by the planet Pluto in modern astrology (and Mars in ancient astrology), and its modality is fixed. Scorpio is known to be deep, mysterious, and intense.

As astrologer Jennifer Racioppi tells mbg, these two signs do really well together, “assuming the rest of their charts are compatible.” In terms of sun sign compatibility, though, she says that the combination of earth and water “creates a really healing mix.”

And according to astrologer Molly Pennington, Ph.D., there’s an “unexpected magic” that occurs when these two signs come together because they both have a knack for interrogation, analysis, and the microscopic. They both have a strong capacity for seeing through the layers of things, she explains, though they may have different motivations for doing so.

Pennington tells mbg that she thinks these two can really create a strong friendship, and even be excellent co-workers. For instance, she says, Scorpio can help Virgo tap into the mystical side of things, while Virgo can help Scorpio be more creative.

“They’d be great at creating—art or building things—and putting it out there in the world. It’s ideal for a research team or a couple of people working on a documentary,” she explains.

Virgo and Scorpio would also be really inclined to get to know each other on a deep level, and likely succeed at it. Pennington notes they have an ability to focus intensely, and they could put that skill toward their friendship. They may be able to get through to each other in ways others may not.

Racioppi also notes that these two signs are particularly driven by deep values, so when a Virgo and Scorpio align around morals, they’ll likely become fast friends.

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Scorpio has a reputation for being, well, sexy, and according to Racioppi, Virgo can be extremely receptive to Scorpio’s energy. “Virgo can be incredibly mental, so if the Scorpio can bring ‘the mental’ into sex, and the Virgo can help the Scorpio say what they really need to say, there can be wonderful compatibilities where they’re helping each other,” she explains.

Scorpio will also appreciate Virgo’s “stamina” when it comes to meeting Scorpio in the depths of wherever they are. “They’re both so intense,” Pennington tells mbg, adding that this relationship will also require a solid foundation of trust. (Something that doesn’t necessarily come easy to either of these signs.)

Relationships for these signs come with a healthy dose of skepticism, with Pennington noting, “Virgos [look] to make sure that everything they create is trustworthy and that they’ve done their homework. And Scorpio is really just investigating.” In short, these two aren’t the most “open” signs, when compared to signs like Gemini or Libra, for instance.

Another thing to note is that Virgo and Scorpio can strike a nice balance of emotion and practicality, with Virgo offering grounding, and Scorpio encouraging feeling, Pennington explains. Virgo can also be extremely self-critical, and the love of a Scorpio may help them finally see that they’re worthy of love just as they are, she adds.

And similar to friendships, Racioppi emphasizes the power these two hold when they’re on a mission together: “If they agree on a vision, or they agree on what matters to them—I mean, this is a power couple.”

As aforementioned, Virgos and Scorpios have a really strong ability to look at things deeply and from all angles. Along with that, Pennington tells mbg they’re also two of the more reserved signs of the zodiac, although in slightly different ways.

“Virgo is known for being modest, and Scorpio is known for being really, really private. Virgo tends to stay out of the spotlight and probably won’t get too personal. And with Scorpio, you can’t ‘get’ them or know exactly what they’re thinking… They both have that quality,” she explains.

Another quality to note is that Virgo and Scorpio can both be protective (of themselves and their loved ones) as well as critical, bordering on cynical. Pennington tells mbg that both of these signs see things so deeply, it leaves a lot of room for anxiousness and criticism, including being critical of themselves.

Here’s a summary of what these signs have in common:

  • They’re private
  • They’re deep thinkers
  • They’re self-critical
  • They’re protective

Where conflict may arise:

According to both Penngington and Racioppi, trust is going to be the biggest issue between these signs because neither is particularly trusting to begin with. And neither Virgo nor Scorpio will feel inclined to openly share the deepest parts of themselves.

“Both of them having a tendency—Scorpio, maybe more than Virgo—to be private,” Pennington explains, adding that Scorpio will also not appreciate the watchful (albeit critical) eye of Virgo. “Virgo is a critic, and it’s not that they’re insensitive, they just have a practicality around saying what needs to be said,” she adds.

And going back to trust, as well as how willing these two signs are to engage in relationships, Racioppi explains that they both come in a bit detached. Virgo, being mutable earth, she explains, has already found their center. Basically, they’re approaching relationships with the perspective of, “If I’m centered. You might be a threat to my homeostasis, and I need to be cautious.”

Scorpio, on the other hand, is approaching relationships from the perspective of, “Everyone I know is going to die, so for as many deep bonds and heartbreaks I’m going to have, let me be really selective about who I go deep with,” Racioppi tells mbg.

Here’s a summary of where these signs might butt heads:

  • They have trouble trusting
  • They have trouble opening up
  • They can be detached

From an astrological POV, Virgo and Scorpio aren’t necessarily an inherent match made in heaven, but they do have the potential to create a healthy and supportive relationship—especially when they’re aligned on their values or goals. With patience and trust, a Virgo-Scorpio duo can become a power couple to be reckoned with.

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