Feel of the Shoe

I can see why the Ultraboost 22 retails for $190: It feels like a very luxe sneaker. The padded, stretchy cushioning in the toe box made my feet feel secure but provided enough flexibility so that my toes didn’t feel constricted. The shape and support are supposed to help you run faster, but honestly, I’ve definitely tried other shoes that are better suited for speed work. These Adidas felt more like shoes I would wear for everyday, casual running versus something I’d opt for during a race where I’d want to P.R. Another reason why I wouldn’t choose these for a race? They’re slightly on the heavier side. I assume it’s due to the protective cushioning, but I did notice myself dragging my feet a bit due to their weight. 

I also had no idea these shoes were made with recycled plastic waste from the ocean, beaches, and other places! Every time I’ve tried sustainable and eco-friendly sneakers, I could always tell there was a difference between that product and others. But with the Adidas Ultraboost 22, I only learned that they were partly made with recycled trash when I went on the website.

How My Body Felt During and After Activity

My runs in these shoes always ended the same way: I would be drenched in sweat, lungs on fire, dragging myself to the nearest bodega or grocery store to buy water. Could I attribute any of this to the shoes? I think so—and in the absolute best way! These shoes really did feel like an extension of my lower body as I ran through the streets. And they were responsive enough to keep me moving—sometimes at a faster-than-normal pace—without having to exert extra energy.

Company Return Policy

Adidas offers free returns and full refunds within 30 days of your purchase or delivery—but, FYI, shipping fees are excluded from this policy. Also, the shoes need to be returned in their original state and shoe box. In other words, you can’t take these for a “test run” like you can with Nike or Brooks running shoes.

The Bottom Line

It’s extremely rare for me to give all-around praise for a running shoe. So when I wholeheartedly recommend that you go buy the Adidas Ultraboost 22, listen to me! The Adidas Ultraboost has a long history of winning SELF’s Sneaker Awards in the past. And the newest iteration doesn’t disappoint. Comfortable, high-quality support? Check. Stylish enough to wear with most outfits? They have 30 color options to choose from. I promise you that your feet won’t regret this purchase.