It’s like I have two battling personalities in the kitchen: I’m impatient, yet I’m a sucker for a colorfully curated plate. I’m a textbook Taurus, after all, who enjoys extravagance and beauty (also a nod to my beauty editor status), so I eat with my eyes first. Luckily for me, nourish bowls perfectly straddle each lane—they’re equally simple and aesthetically satisfying. 

Other than a nutrient-packed smoothie, it’s also the easiest way to throw together a batch of powerhouse ingredients for a filling and satisfying meal. All you have to do is place your toppings of choice on a bed of greens or grains, and you’re golden. On days when I barely have time to look away from my computer screen (let alone prepare a lunch spread), nourish bowls often come to my rescue. 

Plus, they’re packed with enough protein, fiber, and healthy fats to keep me energized and my blood sugar levels stable throughout the day. To get my fill of veggies, I’ll typically include a mix of raw staples (tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.). Then, I’ll toss on whatever roasted veggies I have left over from the night before (portobello mushrooms, cabbage, broccoli—pile it on). 

Veggie-Packed Nourish Bowl

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