5 Fun & Creative Ways To Release Negative Energy Out In Nature

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In the 4.5 billion years Planet Earth has been around, she’s used powerful systems to flush out impurities and sustain her vitality. From ocean currents and plate tectonics to glacial movements and atmospheric phenomena, our powerful planet has tirelessly cleared out the old and generated new life. Despite the destruction she’s gone through, she’s persevered and will keep on doing so.

As a geologist and energy healer, I’ve studied the Earth’s functions from both a scientific and spiritual perspective, looking for ways to bask in her protective qualities. I believe that in the same way ocean currents cleanse and shape the coast, wind cuts through pollution, and trees purify the air, natural elements can help clear and protect our energy as well.

Why energy protection is important.

In my new book Protect Your Light, I define energy protection as the art of being energetically authentic. It’s about ensuring that what’s ours is ours, and what’s theirs is theirs. It’s about ensuring that the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel are truly ours and not the product of others’ influence or conditioning.

Simply said, protecting our energy is about setting strong boundaries for the purpose of living life on our own terms.

The most important step to protecting our energy involves cleansing ourselves of the external, harmful energy attachments we pick up on a daily basis. Our energy field, commonly known as our aura, has the ability to both send and receive energy. As we go through life, interacting with people and spaces, both online and offline, we inadvertently pick up other people’s mental and emotional imprints. These clutter our aura and shape the way we think, feel, and behave.

There are many practices you can use to cleanse your energy. You can work with angels and other spirit guides, use tools such as bells and pendulums, and imagine surrounding yourself with cleansing bubbles of light. Although these are all fun and powerful ways to go about it, my preferred way of cleansing energy involves leveraging nature’s processes.

How to cleanse your energy out in nature.

The following are my top five practices of cleansing energy out in nature:

1. Bathe under celestial light.

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The light from the sun, moon, and the stars is a reflection of our own inner light. Therefore, I believe that when we consciously bathe under these celestial sources of light, we’re given the opportunity to both cleanse what’s misaligned with our authenticity and raise our vibration to its highest potential in various ways.

  • Sun: The sun’s energy correlates with our solar plexus chakra, activating our true identity, confidence in ourselves, and motivation to follow our purpose. For this reason, I’ve found that bathing under sunlight cleanses limiting thoughts and energy that hinders authentic self-expression.
  • Moon: The moon’s light combines the masculine energy of the sun and the feminine energy of the moon. As we bathe under moonlight, particularly during the full moon, we’re given the opportunity to balance our masculine and feminine sides. Whether you’ve been overworking yourself (overly masculine energy) or procrastinating for too long (overly feminine energy), the moon’s light will cleanse the underlying limiting beliefs behind these patterns and help you take a more balanced approach. 
  • Stars: Starlight reflects our connection to the Universe and the spirit world, and it’s a great energy to bathe under when we become preoccupied with the physical world and lose touch with our spirituality. Starlight energy will cleanse away obsessive attachments you have with technology and materiality and encourage you to spend more time with your soul.

2. Cleanse negative emotions with flowers.

Each flower has a unique vibrational frequency that clears emotional blocks and cultivates emotional intelligence. For this reason, working with flowers, especially those that grow out in nature, is a great way to navigate your emotions and relationships with yourself, others, and the world at large. 

Next time you’re around wildflowers, mentally ask to connect with their collective energy, their oversoul. Visualize the spirits of these flowers coming to you as beings of light and flooding into your heart. As their light fills up your heart, body, and aura, witness suppressed emotions coming to the surface to release, and be open to seeing old wounds under a new light. 

3. Cleanse limiting thoughts with the wind.

Spiritually, the air element is associated with our mental functions—our thoughts and beliefs, including past-life beliefs. The wind’s ability to move and transmute energy coupled with its association with mental functions makes it ideal for helping us release limiting thoughts.

Next time you find yourself overwhelmed by thoughts or stuck in analysis paralysis, simply take yourself outside and let the wind recalibrate you. Closing your eyes, call upon the wind spirits, the sylphs, to come into your presence and blow away the energy of your negative or obsessive thoughts from your aura. This mental reset will allow you to choose your thoughts more mindfully and cultivate beliefs that support your dreams and purpose. 

4. Cleanse residual energy with water.

Cultures all around the world use water to cleanse and purify. The ancient Greeks bathed in rivers and springs before participating in healing rituals; in the Islamic tradition, people wash their hands and face as a way to cleanse their body and soul before prayer, whereas Christians use baptism to purify and anoint newborn babies. 

Energetically, water’s essence cleanses residual energy we may have picked up in our day-to-day activities. Residual energy includes emotional or mental imprints that other people have left in physical or digital spaces or energy we’ve previously left in a space that still lingers there.

Next time you find yourself near a body of water such as a river, lake, waterfall, or the ocean, take a mindful moment to breathe and connect with the water’s cleansing qualities. Once you’ve done so, ceremonially walk into the water (provided that it’s safe) and briefly submerge yourself, visualizing all the residual energy you’ve picked up, washing away and dissolving into the water. As you walk out, affirm that you’re cleansed of what no longer serves you.

5. Plant yourself for a total reset.

Although we can easily see how nature cleanses through ocean currents and atmospheric processes, we often overlook what happens below the ground. But the soil filters harsh chemicals out of groundwater, magma and plate tectonics tirelessly recycle old energy and give form to new life, and the Earth’s core runs the whole system. Similarly, by connecting with the Earth’s underground processes, we get to fully cleanse our body and totally reset our energy.

When you get a chance out in nature, take your shoes off, dig two shallow holes, and literally plant your feet into the ground, covering them up with soil. Closing your eyes, visualize the powerful cleansing properties of the Earth below you and ask them to cleanse you, too. Allow all forms of toxic energy attachments to channel through your legs into the Earth while inviting life-force energy from the Earth’s core to rise up and tune you up.

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