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This Week's Horoscope Has Astrologers Bracing For Impact: Here's What To Know

This week, a tricky transit could send tempers flaring. Here’s your horoscope from the AstroTwins.

Monday is July Fourth in the U.S. — and this one comes with a heat advisory warning.

For the first time since the January 6 insurrectionist attacks on the Capitol, hotheaded Mars arrives at 29 degrees Aries. Not only is Mars in its native sign of Aries a doubling down of its warrior effects, but the 29th degree is a particularly charged one in the zodiac wheel. Known as the anaretic degree—or “the fate degree”—when planets transit through these 12 points in the zodiac, a brewing crisis can blow up. To call the atmosphere in the USA “charged” would be a vast understatement. With women’s rights stripped away and public shootings rampant, protests may explode across the country on “Independence Day.”

When Mars zooms into Taurus at 2:04 a.m. EDT on Tuesday, cooler heads may begin to prevail—but not immediately. Ethics will be hotly debated during this cycle, which lasts until August 20, and we are bracing for the morality police to lower their hammers on more human rights.

On a purely personal note, once Mars shifts into Taurus, you can tackle your to-do list with a clear head on your shoulders. After zooming through high-octane Aries since May 24, you’ll have plenty of momentum to ride on. Still, it’s unwise to rush during this every-other-year cycle. If you’re one of the rare souls who needs to pick up the pace, don’t break the speed limit! Be like the tortoise and win the race by methodically moving through your missions, one step at a time. Seeking new opportunity? Don’t rush to accept the first offer or plunk down your hard-earned cash without research. A bill may come due, and you could feel the pressure to pay it. Since Mars can ratchet up stress levels, soothe anxiousness by slowing down and savoring simple pleasures like art, music, and nature. If some extra funds do land in your wallet, treat yourself to a luxurious but practical splurge. Think investment piece.

If you’re not getting your RDA of TLC, do something to change that over the coming seven weeks. Lusty Mars in Taurus elevates your senses and whets everyone’s appetite for affection. Create “slow down” rituals to get comfortable in your own body, like rubbing oils into your skin, scheduling a massage, and practicing gentle movement. Hop back on the dating apps when you’re ready for some loving. Even if you have someone to cuddle with, you still have to set the mood. Create a relaxing environment with downtempo music, low lighting, and calming aromatherapy—and don’t forget the food and wine! Taurus is the sign of traditional courtship gestures, but with impatient Mars hitting the gas, relationships may accelerate into serious status, fast! You may be tempted to splurge on pricey gifts and upscale dates. The downside? Combative Mars in headstrong Taurus can lead to formidable fights where nobody backs down easily. Of course, the sparks you set off with marathon makeup sex could be (almost) worth the trouble.

Later on Tuesday, messenger Mercury updates the global privacy policy as it wings into cozy, private Cancer for its annual retreat.

Until July 19, be discreet about what you share in whispered exchanges and on social media. The walls have ears! That said, all kinds of heartfelt exchanges warm up quickly with Mercury in the sign of the nurturing Crab. Make an extra effort to listen with compassion and speak gently since people will be more sensitive than usual. Get your spaces in order, from your home to your work zone. When you have any moments to spare, prioritize your inner circle. Bonding with family and close friends is the key to your work-life balance!