If you’re working out barefoot (or in an old pair of white socks with holes in them) you might want to find the best grip socks for your next workout. Experts agree that if you’re doing any workout that requires you to have a steady grip on a machine or floor, you need to invest in a good pair of workout socks for an added dose of safety and comfort. If you’re a barre, yoga, or pilates aficionado who’s looking for high-quality grip socks, we spoke to experts to find some of the very best options.

Are grip socks necessary?

“Barre socks have non-slip grips on the soles to give you traction and stability in class, particularly during standing exercises,” says NYC-based barre instructor Hannah Borstein. “If you get extra sweaty during workouts, socks can help you avoid slipping, and they also add extra grip and a protective layer when you exercise.” By adding grip socks to your workouts, you’ll be able to have a safer experience each time.

What to look for in grip socks?

Quality matters when it comes to grip socks and not all are considered equal. “When buying a pair of sticky socks, pay attention to the amount of grip and quality of grip on the bottom of the socks,” says Amanda Freeman, founder of the megaformer studio SLT. “The more covered with the grip surface, the better the sock is for traction. She also adds that the more you wash a pair of grip socks, the more wear and tear the grips experience. Be aware that you might have to replace your socks every few months if you use them daily.

It’s also important to look at the material of the sock, as breathability is one of the main factors to consider when buying a pair, according to Bornstein. “These socks should be adding to your workout, not detracting, so make sure your socks fit snug enough that you won’t need to adjust them throughout the class, but not so snug that you can’t move your toes,” she says. “Some socks are ‘toeless’ with holes exposing each toe, which allow you to articulate your toes more freely without losing the grippy-ness of the socks on your heels, but it comes to a matter of preference whether you want to have that feature in or not—some people find them annoying.” When it comes to what to avoid, she says “Avoid anything too heavy, too thin, or without anti-slip grips.” 

Ready to take your barre and Pilates workouts up a notch? These are the best grip socks available on the market right now, according to experts. You’ll find picks from Amazon, Lululemon, Alo Yoga, and more.

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