Snagging, brittle, breakage-prone nails aren’t the most dire of situations, no. But if you’re regularly pining after the long, strong tips that are so in style lately, I’m sure it’s at the very least a poignant annoyance. After all, there’s nothing more appealing than what you don’t have.

For lots of short-nailed folks, nail growth experiments have probably led them to bottles of nail strengtheners, vials of hydrating cuticle oils, and maybe even a fake tip or two. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of these options (as long as the ingredients are skin- and nail-healthy), but it may not be addressing the concern at the source. To do that, you’ll want to consider a nail supplement. 

Users say this supplement finally strengthened their nails after years of struggling. 

Nail supplements fall under the broad category of beauty supplements. And while you can find nail specific options out there, you can also just find a beauty supplement that addresses nail health, alongside skin and hair. (Multitasking beauty for the win.) One such is mbg’s beauty & gut collagen+, which features the namesake collagen peptides along with other beauty heavy hitters like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and E. 

Collagen supplements contain short chains of amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins like keratin (what your nails are made of). The thought is that if you provide your body with those nutrients, it will be better equipped to grow healthy, strong nails. There’s research to suggest this too: One study even found that when individuals took collagen daily for 24 weeks, it helped support their nail health, improving growth rates, reducing breakage, and supporting appearance.*  

But don’t take our word for it – users agree. Sara K. says, “I’ve struggled with weak, short nails for years. This has made my nails grow so long and thick. I am so happy.”* Or as Vickie T. writes, “my nails are finally growing after trying many other products!”*

But it’s not just the collagen—this blend contains several nail supporting ingredients to make a more well-rounded formula. For example, biotin has been shown to support thickness and firmness of nails in several human studies.* For example, one moderately sized human study found that those who took biotin supplements had 25% thicker nail beds than the placebo group.* And antioxidants can help protect the body from stressors that may affect the nail’s health: For example, vitamin E has research that shows it can help support a healthy, fresh nail color.*

As mbg president Elena Sukacheva wrote of her experience, “After 40 years with brittle nails, I figured growing long tips was just a pipe dream. After trying a few underwhelming collagen supplements, I began using mbg’s beauty & gut collagen+ powder and I realized exactly what I was missing: a robust, science-backed product that actually puts in the work. It has become my secret weapon to finally keeping my nails healthy, plus the added healthy hair benefits make it even more worth it.”*

Long, strong nails are totally enviable—especially if you can’t get your own to grow without breaking once they reach just past the nail bed. If you think you’ve tried everything, and nothing will do, we recommend giving this beauty supplement a try. Users agree: It actually puts in the work. 

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medications, consult with your doctor before starting a supplement routine. It is always optimal to consult with a health care provider when considering what supplements are right for you.