If you want to lose weight, start running towards it now! That’s not just a joke, you can run your way to weight loss. The fact is running is the most accessible exercise to everyone. You don’t need special gym equipment or specific shoes, although they help. You can even practice barefoot running on a smooth surface. Running is easy because you can do it anywhere, on the road, in the park, or even inside your house on a treadmill. 

Why Choose Running?

There are various reasons why one needs to consider taking up running seriously. By seriously, we don’t mean training for a marathon or joining a running club at 6 am. Just start by running however much you can, whenever you can. It needn’t be as challenging or daunting as it first appears to be. The best thing about running is just how fast you can incorporate it into your daily routine and how much it will help you on your journey to losing weight. One of the most challenging things about exercising is time and opportunity, and using running as a workout eliminates both. 

Burns More Calories

The thing about losing weight is that it generally requires you to burn a lot more calories than you are consuming. So running is a great option, mainly because it burns more calories than other types of exercise since it requires many different muscles to work together. 

Has an Afterburn Effect

Any exercise you do regularly will help you lose weight by burning calories. Still, a few types of exercise will help you even more by continuing to burn calories even after the exercise. So, these are often exercises that use a lot of different muscles, which means that after the workout, they will require more energy to recover. It is called the afterburn effect and can help you burn a significantly higher amount of calories. 

Reduced Portion Sizes

You can reduce caloric intake by changing your food or restricting yourself from eating. Sometimes these ways can increase your hunger and make losing weight even bigger of a challenge. However, high-intensity running can be beneficial, suppressing hunger and producing more satiating hormones. It means that high-intensity running can reduce your appetite after your workout. 

The HealthifyMe Note

Running has many benefits. It can burn more calories than other exercises, and it has the potential to keep burning calories long after your workout has already ended. In addition, it helps reduce portion sizes which can help you achieve a calorie deficit diet. All these benefits culminate in the ideal workout that helps you lose weight. 

Running Guide for Weight Loss

Several gadgets and wearables help you to run efficiently. However, you can keep it simple with just supportive, comfortable shoes, clothes and a water bottle. But, fear not; if you are still intimidated by the thought of running, we have a few tips to help you out! 

Warm Up and Begin with Walking or Jogging

Firstly, before you do anything, warm up. Before any workout, it is vital to warm up and stretch to get your body prepared for it. To start your running journey, you must aim for at least three to four weekly running days. It allows your body to get used to the workout, and you can start building up your stamina by beginning with a gentle walk or jogging. Do not start sprinting right away! That is one sure way of injuring yourself. Also, avoid running on consecutive days, as your muscles need enough time to recover. 

Don’t Neglect Your Diet

Just because running has many health benefits doesn’t mean it can magically lead to your weight loss goal. There’s a chance you could even gain weight if you overeat after a run. Therefore, do not overestimate the calories you can burn on the run. Yes, running is a great and solid workout, but you must balance everything you eat. A treat once in a while is good for you, but avoid ordering pizza every time you run because you have ‘earned it. Moderation is essential, and your consumption should be your primary concern since a calorie deficit diet is necessary for weight loss. 

Don’t Overthink

You don’t have to plan your training or have a strategy for every run when you’re starting. When you’re running to lose weight, the actual running, moving, and burning calories count. Do not overthink or overcompensate just because others seem to be doing longer circuits but are better than you. Nothing matters other than your journey and your progress at your pace. So, enjoy the rhythm and oneness of nature when you run. The rest will fall into place. 

Hydration is Key

Do you know when you’re suddenly feeling hungry and stop for a glass of water on your way to the fridge? Then when you finish that glass, you suddenly don’t feel hungry. It is because it is very common to confuse thirst for hunger. Therefore, the first thing you need to do to maintain weight is chugging a big glass of water as soon as you return from your run. Not only will this prevent dehydration, but it will also take up some space in your stomach so that you eat a bit less. According to studies, hydration gets associated with weight loss. 

Cool Down 

Ensure that you cool down as you finish your run. Towards the end of your run, you can cool down with five to ten minutes of walking, depending on how long your run is. Keep decreasing the speed as you go, and do not stop running suddenly. 

The HealthifyMe Note

You can start running, however, and whenever you want, but there are a few vital things to keep in mind while you do so. Ensure that you both warm up and cool down, keep yourself hydrated, pay attention to what you’re eating, and, most importantly, don’t overthink it. 

Running to Lose Weight 

Calorie Burning Workouts 

To burn more calories while working out, you need to run at a higher intensity. It translates to around 80 to 90% of your heart rate at its maximum, which would mean not making a full-on sprint but running fast enough that you cannot speak to your running buddies. You can start with an easy 20-minute run that is around 80% intensity. There is another option where you can do interval training and alternate between low and high-intensity runs. Do not do this every day. Give your body and yourself time to heal – this is non-negotiable! 

Strength Training 

Strength training is complimentary to your run. Yes, you read that right. Strength training is vital to your run! It makes you a stronger runner and also reduces any risk of injury. Not only this, but weight training will also help you lose weight. If you have lean muscle mass, you end up burning more calories even when you’re resting.


Running is a great workout to add to your day-to-day life. It is accessible, easy to do, and has extraordinary results not just for your well-being but can hugely affect your weight. So, if you’re someone on their weight loss journey but can’t seem to reach their goal, try running! You never know where it might take you, and you might want to run that marathon after all. 

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