As fall rolls around, you may choose to swap your bright, summery nail colors for some staple autumn neutrals. Think vampy reds, moody purples, and espresso-inspired tips—as the leaves change hues, so do our desired polish palettes.

Even Hailey Bieber’s famous “glazed donut nails” aesthetic (which completely swept the TikTok beauty scene this season) comes with an interesting twist as summer draws to a close. Enter, chocolate glazed donut nails: Here’s how to master this scrumptious lacquer.

How to get the “chocolate glazed donut nails” look. 

In this viral TikTok video, Bieber shows off her light-brown glossy tips, which have a slightly shimmery tint. This resembles her classic glazed look that mirrors a dewy skin finish as well—here are the details.

First, swipe some nail polish remover over the nail (yes, even if they weren’t painted). After that, trim your nails to your desired length. Bieber prefers to sport a longer tip, but you can replicate the look on any length. Of course, there are plenty of nail shapes to choose from—oval, square, squoval, the list goes on. If you have longer tips, you may want to opt for the same rounded-almond shape Bieber has. Here’s a guide to the seven most popular nail shapes if you want a quick breakdown. 

After you file and shape, select your polish. If you don’t have a chocolaty tone on hand, this Chocolate Cravings limited-edition polish set from Deborah Lippman has six different brown tones to play around with, from a lighter cream color to a deep fudge hue. Select your favorite or opt for a different shade on each nail. 

Finally, you’ll want to top off the look with a high-shine topcoat that includes a faint shimmer. Feel free to coat it over any polish you’ve got to add a glossy, dewy touch that resembles (you guessed it!) a freshly baked glazed donut. 

Chocolate glazed donut nails have cropped up on the beauty scene just in time for fall. To achieve this high-shine look, opt for a light to medium shade of brown and finish with a swipe of shimmery top coat. Just know that if you want to replicate Bieber’s nail shape, you’ll want to have strong tips to support the length—here’s how to grow long and strong nails that last.