Shab Reslan

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September 13, 2022 — 11:02 AM

Beauty routines are never truly stagnant—practices evolve and change like we do. In As of Latewe chat with influential folks about their current products and rituals. Here, we get a snapshot of what they’re doing right now: the sacrosanct formulas they use until the last drop, the fresh launches they’ve got their eyes on, and, of course, the why behind it all. 

If you have a question about hair growth, scalp care, product ingredients, or anything in between, Shab Reslan probably has the answer. As an award-winning hairstylist and renowned trichologist (read: hair and scalp specialist), Reslan has been studying hair in all its forms for many years, with an emphasis on scalp care 101. 

Reslan’s interest in the field began at a young age, as a love for all things hair runs in her blood. “My mother had her own kind of hair world that I grew up in,” Reslan tells mbg. This world included both hair schools and salons that served as a playground and learning center for Reslan as a child. 

Beyond hairstylist basics (think trims, color, etc.), Reslan’s mother was committed to diving deeper into the health of the hair and, naturally, the scalp. “I was so exposed to textbooks, lectures, and theory classes, and I was constantly learning so much from her,” she says about hair and scalp care.

Flash forward to present day, Reslan spends her days in one-to-one hair and scalp health consults as well as hosting a women’s hair health and wellness podcast, hairlikehers. To sum it up, Reslan is the expert of all experts when it comes to hair and scalp health. Luckily for us, she gave mbg an inside look into her beauty routine that keeps her hair full, strong, and oh-so-touchable.

The tried-and-true: A clinically studied hair supplement. 

“The product I’ve been using the longest is the DeeplyRooted by Hush and Hush. My hair today is better than it ever has been, largely because of it. I’ve been taking it for almost four years now.

“They’re super high quality, void of fillers, additives, any synthetic ingredients, and have all the essential ingredients that are required for healthy hair growth. This has been my most recommended supplement, and everybody I share it with just loves it.”

Hush & Hush Deeply Rooted

Hush & Hush



This supplement comes with clinical studies that show 91% of subjects reported improved overall hair growth. This supplement helps to tend to the root causes of some hair shedding while encouraging new growth simultaneously.

The secret: An air dry tip. 

“[When you have your damp hair up in a towel], I always recommend pushing the towel or wrap back a little bit while it’s drying so you let the baby hairs out. When we pull all of our hair into the towel, it creates kinks around the baby hairs, which are super susceptible to any kind of damage and frizziness.

“You just can’t have these hairs twisted up in a towel, because they’ll dry immediately, and that can make or break your blow dry or hairstyle. But regardless of the styling hindrance that it’s going to cause, it’s just going to damage the baby hairs, too.”

Aquis Hair Drying Towel


Hair Dry Towel


Reslan uses the hair towel from Aquis to encourage a quicker dry, sans pulling. The button-secure design ensures your towel will stay on for however long you need it to without moving around or sliding off. Remember: Wrap all of your hair except those around your hairline.

The up and coming: A laser hair comb. 

“I use the Hairmax Ultima 9 Classic LaserComb—I think everyone will be using them in the future. It uses low-level red light that’s safe (FDA cleared) and doesn’t get warm. This encourages healthier hair growth and stimulates the cells in the follicle by photobiomodulation, which is the same technology that plants use from the sun to grow.

“This is great for anyone who has lost their hair, has thinning hair, or as a preventative measure if you think you have hereditary hair loss. Put your topical on and immediately hit it with the laser comb.”

Hairmax Ultima 9 Classic LaserComb


Ultima 9 Classic LaserComb


This innovative product helps to stimulate the hair follicles to encourage regrowth. What’s more, the technology allows your growth serums to penetrate even deeper.

The splurge: A stimulating solution.

“My splurge is the KeraFactor Scalp Stimulating Solution. This is something I will be using for the rest of my life, and it’s worth every penny. This is something you can normally only get done by a doctor or a dermatologist.

“A lot of products don’t penetrate; they just sit on your scalp and are a waste of money. This is one of the first topicals that I personally saw make a major difference in my hair.

“It will make your hair look thicker, and it will bring in more hair growth. It took a few months, but my hairline has never been so full.”

KeraFactor Scalp Stimulating Solution


KeraFactor Scalp Stimulating Solution


This highly concentrated blend includes a patented complex that helps to “turn on” weak or resting hair follicles and improve scalp circulation and nutrients to produce thicker, longer healthy-looking hair.

The steal: A curl-defining treatment. 

“My steal is the Inkeylist Chia Seed Curl Defining Treatment. You have to douse your hair in these products for them to work. Every strand has to be wrapped in this; otherwise you’re not going to get a uniform air-dry curl and that frizz control. It’s hydrating, nourishing, and it has omega fatty acids in it, but it’s priced at a point where you can use a lot of it and not have to worry about running out and needing to buy another overpriced bottle.”

The Inkeylist Chia Seed Curl Treatment

The Inkeylist

Chia Seed Curl Defining Hair Treatment


This weightless cream nourishes your curls, encouraging them to take a uniform, bouncy shape. This formula works by targeting the hair bonds while providing a boost of hydration as well.

The travel staple: A gentle scalp exfoliator and massager. 

“When I travel, I take my Tangle Teezer The Scalp Exfoliator and Massager. The water is treated differently in different countries, and typically in hotels, the water is treated so heavily that you can’t get a good clean. I love to put my shampoo on this to get a deeper clean. Especially if it’s a hot destination you’re headed to, you’re sweating or at the beach, and there’s going to be gunk in your hair.”

Tangle Teezer Scalp Exfoliator + Massager

Tangle Teezer

The Scalp Exfoliator and Massager


This product is the ideal 2-in-1: It gently exfoliates the scalp removing excess buildup while stimulating blood flow in the scalp for an ahh-worthy shower experience no matter where you are.

The advice my mom gave me: Don’t underestimate the power of a scalp massage.

“My mother always said to me growing up that circulation is everything. So massaging in the shower, massaging outside the shower, anything that will bring the blood flow to the scalp is important. She would teach scalp massaging techniques to her assistants and students, too, and I think it’s something that’s always stuck with me. I don’t underestimate the power of a scalp massage.”

The seasonal staple: A hydrating serum. 

“For my seasonal staple, I have to say the Inkeylist Hyaluronic Acid Serum. My skin needs so much extra hydration in the fall to winter season, and I love not having to spend $60 or $70 on a hydrating serum because I can buy that one for $10. I use retinol and harsh ingredients at night that I have to have hyaluronic acid.”

The Inkeylist Hyaluronic Acid Serum

The Inkeylist

Hyaluronic Acid Serum


This 2% hyaluronic acid serum has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Plus, it’s a budget-friendly steal for those looking to splurge on more complex formulas or devices.

The surprise: A silky pillowcase. 

“I wasn’t sure how much I would’ve loved a silk pillowcase. I started with the satin cases from Kitsch before upgrading and opting for the expensive silk version. But I absolutely loved the satin because they’re easy to wash and very durable. Can’t sleep on anything else.”

Kitsch Satin Pillowcase


Satin Pillowcase


This satin pillowcase is a cult classic for those looking to maintain shiny, tame stands overnight. If you prefer a vegan alternative to silk cases, this is a worthy swap. Not to mention, it comes in a plethora of colors and patterns to match any bedding you have.