For those days that seem to get away from us, when a trip to the gym or a lengthy strength training session is out of the question, it doesn’t get better than a quick workout routine that we can tailor to our schedules. That’s why Obé Fitness, one of our favorite online fitness platforms for on-demand at-home workouts, has recently launched a slew of 10-minute workouts, in modalities ranging from cardio boxing to vinyasa yoga classes.

What is Obé?

If you’re unfamiliar with Obé Fitness, it runs 20 live classes every day and has a library of over 8,000 workout videos through its membership program. Obé stands out with its bright, playful aesthetic, and earns high marks from fitness experts for its wide range of class offerings.

How much does Obé cost?

A monthly subscription costs $25, and an annual membership is also available for $170 per year.

How do Obé fitness programs work?

Beginners can find entry-level fitness classes complete with modification recommendations from the instructors; more experienced exercisers can find challenging fitness routines that come with suggestions around adding resistance to target different muscle groups. You can filter classes by a wide variety of preferences. Class categories and types run the gamut: cardio, strength, yoga, HIIT, sculpt, aerobics, Pilates, and recovery are just a handful of the featured options. You can choose from three impact levels (high impact, low impact, and no impact) and specify whether you’d like no-equipment and bodyweight workouts only. (Note: For those interested in using weights and accessories, Obé has its own line of workout equipment, including barre balls, sliders, ankle weights, and resistance bands.)

Most importantly for the launch of Obé Fitness’s 10-minute workouts, you can filter classes by their length. Not only are 10-minute workouts now available, but you can also even find warmups, upper-body stretches, and meditations that last as little as five minutes. For those who doubt how much they can get done in the span of 10 minutes, SELF has previously reported on the benefits of short workouts. Trainers told us that form work (like checking your squat technique), brief full-body strength circuits, and even a solid round of burpees can be effective uses of 10 quick minutes.

If you have more than 10 minutes to spare, you can try what Obé’s cofounders Ashley Mills and Mark Mullett describe as “fitness stacking,” a behavior observed among the platform’s users. Rather than doing one 30-minute workout video, some people will instead take two or three shorter classes, possibly in order to better customize their exercise. If you ask us, a high-intensity dance cardio workout followed by a meditative recovery video sounds like a great way to get our heart rate up and get a moment of peace and quiet before going on with our day.

Whatever your fitness goals, and whether you’re looking to fire up your lower body, sample a HIIT class, or get an efficient and effective full-body workout in on your lunch break, you might want to give Obé Fitness’s 10-minute workouts—and, when you have more time on your hands, perhaps the rest of its fantastic classes—a try.