15 Jobs That Help People & How To Find The Right Fit For You

August 13, 2022 — 2:15 AM

To some people a job is just that: a job. But to others, your career can act as an opportunity to help those around you in your community or an even wider scale, depending on what path you choose. Of course your mind likely wanders to the more traditional jobs known for helping people like a doctor or a teacher, but if those don’t feel like great fits, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other choices that allow you to serve your community. 

Getting started on your job search for a more meaningful career? Here’s what to look for. 

What it means to help people & make a difference.

Helping people comes in so many different shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking to pass along knowledge you already have, support underprivileged communities, or help people who are sick or in need—there are never-ending opportunities to give back. 

The biggest thing about helping people is that nothing you do is too small, and just because you aren’t practicing brain surgery doesn’t mean you aren’t making an impact on the world around you. In searching for a job that’s a good fit, you want to play to your existing strengths instead of worrying about what you feel you ‘should’ be doing. 

“As you look to find the job that is right for you, spend quality time thinking about the actual tasks you want to be engaged in day-in, day-out. Growth and success at the end of the day are about repetition, stamina, and perseverance,” certified professional leadership coach Amelia Kruse previously told mbg. “If you actually want to find that job that is right for you in the long run, you will want to be clear on the tasks and activities that you won’t give up on the minute times get rough or boring.” 

Jobs that truly help people.

Supporting other peoples’ mental health is a powerful way to help, and if you’re great at listening and giving advice, this may be a career path worth exploring. Not to mention there are a many types of therapy to look at: couples counseling, behavioral therapy, eating disorder counseling, and more. 

Qualifications: Master’s degree in counseling or psychology

Average base salary: $76,000/year 

(Note: Salary estimates are based on data from Indeed. They will vary based on experience, region, and more.)

If you love working with children or youth, teaching may be a natural choice for kickstarting your career and helping your community. Patience is the name of the game when it comes to this occupation, but in becoming a teacher, you can help to grow young minds and provide support to a vulnerable community. 

Qualifications: Bachelor in education or Master’s degree

Average base salary: $32,000/year

Another career option that offers aid to children, a social worker position might be a good fit if you have an abundance of patience and excel in more targeted interactions. This job provides support to both parents and children, offering resources to help create a healthy home environment.

Qualifications: Bachelor and Master’s degree in social work, state-required licensing and certification

Average base salary: $66,000/year

Health Coach Certification

Become a health coach in 20 weeks

Kelly Leveque HCC

Health Coach Certification

Become a health coach in 20 weeks

Kelly Leveque HCC

The world needs more health coaches than ever, so if you’re a health-minded individual looking to help share your knowledge and help others reach their highest potential, this might be a great fit. In fact, health coaching can “support the resolution of [a client’s] symptoms, and potentially the resolution of [their health] state,” holistic nutritionist and celebrity health coach Kelly LeVeque previously told mbg. If you’re goal- and solution- oriented, health coaching could be your calling.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree, health coaching certification

Average base salary: $52,000/year

Helping clients navigate their healthcare needs, this position is incredibly important in providing resources to make the healthcare system more accessible. As a healthcare advisor, you have the opportunity to create a clear path of care and make life easier for your clients.

Qualifications: Undergraduate degree in public health

Average base salary: $57,000/year

Math people, this one’s for you. The role of a financial advisor helps people in perhaps a less traditional sense, by helping them more effectively manage their money and better understand their financial status. This role is all about supporting financial wellness—it could be a great opportunity to flex your unique skillset and help clients plan their retirement, pay for their home, and save more effectively.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in finance or business administration

Average base salary: $75,000/year, plus commission

If you’re good in high-stress situations, a 911 dispatcher could be a career path worth looking into. Fairly self-explanatory, this role requires you to tend to people in emergencies that are calling the 911 phone line, directing them to assistance and keeping calm. While it’s certainly not a job for everyone, it’s undeniably very rewarding. 

Qualifications: High school diploma or GED and five years of service experience

Average base salary: $49,000/year

Another high-pressure occupation, paramedics work in emergency situations to provide medical support to people in a quick and effective manner without giving into anxiety. A high level of medical knowledge and training is needed before you can begin. 

Qualifications: High school diploma or GED and state-approved EMT certification

Average base salary: $49,000/year

Love staying fit and learning the mechanics of how certain movements can work your muscles and improve your well-being? Well, personal training may be your best fit to help clients in need of your expertise as they embark on their own health journey. You’ll have to become certified in order to adequately provide information to your clients—but thankfully there are a wide range of training programs available to hone your skills and knowledge. 

Qualifications: Personal trainer certification

Average base salary: $43,000/year

If you’re looking to become a registered nurse, you’ll have several years of school ahead of you, but this is an incredibly rewarding job for helping people. Again, the type of nurse you become is up to personal preference, but whether you want to work with children, elderly patients, or anywhere in between, this is a wonderful profession for giving back to the community. 

Qualifications: Associate’s degree in nursing or bachelor’s of science in nursing, plus license in nursing

Average base salary: $90,000/year

11. Speech-Language Pathologist

This role functions to help both adults and children struggling with speech issues or swallowing disorders identify and treat their concerns. This can be anyone from non-verbal children to those suffering from a speech impediment, but your job as a speech-language pathologist will be to help them overcome their challenges and master language skills. A high level of knowledge and patience will be needed for the job, but if you enjoy working one on one with clients, you will thrive.

Qualifications: Master’s degree and clinical fellowship

Average base salary: $101,000/year

A traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practice, acupuncture involves using thin needles to target specific points of the body that may be holding onto pain and stress. If you’re interested in easing discomfort and supporting patients one-on-one outside of the realm of Western medicine, this is a great career route.

Qualifications: ACAOM-accredited program

Average base salary: around $70,000/year

13. Substance Abuse Counselor

Addiction and substance abuse is a relevant and pervasive concern, and a substance abuse counselor can help provide support to someone dealing with this issue. Your job in this role will be to help with the recovery process, acting as a resource for people struggling with addiction.

Qualifications: Master’s degree in behavioral science

Average base salary: $59,000/year

Lawyers can use their knowledge of the law to help people defend themselves. There’s also always the option for pro bono cases to support those who don’t have the money for resources, or you can work as a court-appointed lawyer, as well. However, buckle up for a grueling few years in school. 

Qualifications: Doctoral or Professional degree

Average base salary: $88,000/year

If you’re courageous and willing to physically putting yourself at risk to help others, then the role of a firefighter may be a good fit. In this job you will be expected to respond to fire-related emergencies, putting your life on the line for your community. This job is not for the faint of heart, but is highly valued and rewarding.

Qualifications: High school diploma or GED, CPR certification, fire science degree

Average base salary: $47,000/year

Finding the right job that speaks to your skillset and desire to help people is no small task, so it’s vital to put in the time and effort on the front end to determine how you want to spend your life. Speaking with a career advisor can help set you on the right track for finding a role that will be a good fit, but remember: when it comes to serving your community, there’s no job that’s too small.


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