The search for the best weight loss foods can be quite a difficult task. With so many options in the market, people are often left confused and unmotivated.

Obesity has seen a rampant spike in the last decade. With easy access to processed foods and an unhealthy lifestyle, gaining unhealthy amounts of weight seems easier than ever. Obesity brings with it a long list of health complications. Long-term obesity can lead to the development of several health issues like diabetes and heart disease.

Switching to a healthy diet can work wonders for your health. Choosing to eat home-made, fresh and unprocessed food items can play a big role in averting chronic diseases.

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Weight Loss Foods

Eating right has a key role to play in one’s weight loss aspirations. It is important to consume foods that are low on calories and rich in nutrients in order to achieve your goals. The following weight-loss foods can help in better weight management and reduce obesity. 

1. Eggs

Eggs have gained a reputation for being one of the healthiest diet foods for weight loss. They contain a high amount of healthy protein and fats. Although they were notorious for increasing cholesterol, it has been proven that the correct amount of eggs in the diet promotes weight loss.

Studies show that including eggs in a weight management diet may offer a nutritious supplement to enhance weight loss. Having eggs for breakfast also leaves you feeling more satisfied, thus helping prevent overeating.

2. Green-leafy vegetables

According to studies, leafy vegetables like spinach, drumstick leaves, fenugreek and mustard leaves are incredibly efficient in promoting weight loss.

Being low in calories and high in fibre, these foods provide a feeling of fullness. They are packed with antioxidants and essential minerals which are very healthy in the long run.

3. Chicken Breast

Although meat is high in calories, chicken breast is packed with healthy protein and fats. It is one of the best foods for weight loss. As it is a slice of lean meat, it can help you cut out the need for excess carbohydrates in your food. Research shows that increased protein intake helps promote weight loss in an efficient manner by helping maintain your muscle mass and boosting your metabolic health.

4. Fish

Fish, when cooked correctly, can be an extremely efficient food to eat for weight loss. It is high in omega-3 fatty acids and is packed with protein and healthy nutrients. Fish can be cooked in a number of ways and is an ideal lean protein to consume for weight loss. It can also provide good amounts of iodine. Read this article to know how fish oil may spur weight loss. 

5. Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts and cauliflower have a combination of protein, fibre and low energy density, making them an ideal food for weight loss. Research shows that broccoli juice reduces weight by supporting and boosting bodily functions like insulin sensitivity and good bacteria modulation. Cauliflower, which is especially popular in Indian food, can be used in many recipes and is one of the best Indian foods for weight loss.

6. Nuts

Healthy nuts like almonds, walnuts, peanuts and pistachios are packed with healthy omega-3 fats and are also high in protein. Snacking on nuts during the day and in between meals is a healthy way to promote weight loss. Nuts are also filling and can keep you satiated in between meals.

Additionally, protein reduces the level of Ghrelin- the hunger hormone and increases the production of Peptide YY – the hormone responsible for making you feel full.

7. Fruits

Fruits like apples, pears, papaya, bananas and oranges have proven to be the best foods for weight loss. As they are packed with nutrients and essential vitamins, they are known to be very healthy, in addition to being tasty. Having a bowl of fruit during the day can promote weight loss and keep you healthy. Know more about the 10 best fruits for weight loss

8. Whole grains

Substituting your carbohydrates with whole grains is a sure-fire way to boost your weight loss. Whole grains like oats, quinoa and brown rice are very healthy alternatives to white rice and refined wheat, as stated in this research. They are packed with fibre, and healthy amounts of protein and are one of the most popular diet foods. 

9. Legumes

We often hear our parents and adults saying that legumes like beans and lentils are good for health and this study proves this, specifically in terms of weight management. Black beans and kidney beans can be used in numerous Indian recipes and are great for weight loss. Being high in protein and fibre, they can keep you full for hours.

10. Soups

Soups are a very healthy way to start a meal. Home-cooked soup can include plenty of vegetables and lentils. These provide plenty of nutrients as well as health benefits. It has been observed in studies that having a small bowl of soup before your meal will provide you with the right nutrients to keep you full and prevent you from overeating. Here’s a magic soup that guarantees weight loss. 

Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

Consuming certain kinds of food can lead to unnecessary weight gain. It is ideal to avoid foods that have too many calories and can be harmful to one’s health. Here’s a list of foods that one must avoid in their weight loss journey.

1. Sweetened drinks

Most of the aerated beverages available in the market have been doused with sugars and preservatives. Sugar has no nutritional value and is added only for taste. Liquid calories also increase your appetite, making you consume more food than usual. This study proves the aforementioned claims about the relation between sugary drinks and weight gain. Cut out sweetened beverages from your diet and drink plenty of water to see proper weight loss results. 

2. Processed foods

Avoid eating processed foods like biscuits, chips, pastries, candies, ice cream and other quick snacks. These processed foods are packed with preservatives, refined flour and unhealthy ingredients. There’s documented evidence that links processed foods and obesity. Choose to eat healthy snacks like fruits and nuts as alternatives. Processed foods have an undesirable amount of sodium present in them and high sodium intake leads to an elevated risk of obesity. 

3. Refined flour

Refined flour or maida lacks nutritional value. As it has been subjected to a heavy manufacturing process, it loses its health benefits and is packed with empty calories. Research indicates that the degree of food processing has an effect on its consumer’s body weight. It has been known to cause health problems when consumed in excess. Another research has proven that heavily processed foods cause overeating and subsequent weight gain. Choose healthier options like whole wheat flour or healthy grains instead of refined flour.

4. Junk foods

Although junk food is delicious, it only has that taste due to the number of artificial ingredients added to it. Junk food contains large amounts of fats, sugar, salt and carbohydrates and negligible to no minerals and vitamins that cause weight gain. In addition, you tend to eat more junk food because even large amounts can keep you unsatiated. It leads to binge eating and becomes another cause of abnormal weight gain. Junk food uses artificial colour and flavouring and is known to increase cholesterol substantially. Cut out junk food from your diet to see a significant weight loss.

5. Chocolates and candies

Chocolates and candies are known to be packed with sugars and other sweetening agents. Excessive consumption of chocolates and candies can lead to increased blood sugar and diabetes in the long run. A healthier alternative is to consume pure dark chocolate, as it is known to not have sugars and is also significantly lower in calories. Consuming a small piece of dark chocolate a day has been known to be good for heart health.

6. Alcohol

The fallouts of alcohol consumption are exponentially high as proven by studies. One way alcohol negatively impacts your body is by increasing the risk of abdominal obesity. Beer, in particular, is filled with carbohydrates and is known to cause an increase in weight over time. Alcohol consumption causes greater hunger and less satiety further pushing one to make poor food choices. 

It further causes stress on the stomach and the intestines. This leads to a decrease in digestive secretions through the tract which is essential for healthy digestion. Alcohol intake of all levels can lead to impaired digestion and absorption of these nutrients. This can greatly affect the metabolism of organs that play a role in weight management. Interestingly, most people consume lots of snacks when they are drinking. Combining fatty and processed foods with alcohol can lead to a significant increase in weight.  Most people add some aerated or sugary beverage with their drink, which can unknowingly lead them to consume much more calories than needed. 

7. Breakfast cereals

Although most breakfast cereals have been advertised as a healthy and nutritious way to start the day, academic probes have proven that they are not as healthy as one may expect. These cereals undergo a multi-step manufacturing method and lose a majority of their nutritional value in the process. They are also filled with added sugars and artificial flavours to appeal to the masses, kids in particular. Foods that are advertised as ‘fat-free’ are also filled with artificial sweeteners to make up for the lost taste. Choose to eat healthy and fresh home-cooked food for breakfast to start your day on the right note.

Diet plan for weight loss

It is essential to follow a good diet plan to see significant results with weight loss. The foods mentioned above are a good indicator of what is to be eaten and what is to be avoided to see a change in your weight and health. The following 1200-calorie diet plan for weight loss with Indian foods is effective for weight loss for women. Men should ideally follow a 1400-calorie diet plan if they wish to lose weight. Learn more about the best Indian diet plan for weight loss here.

Time Meal
6:00 AM Lukewarm Lemon Water(2 glass)Ground Flax Seeds(1 tbsp, ground)
8:00 AM Idli(2 idli)Sambar(1 katori)
10:30 AM Watermelon(2 cup, diced)
1:55 PM Mixed Vegetable Salad(1 bowl)
2:00 PM Whole Wheat Roti(1 roti/chapati)Paneer Onion Tomato Bhurji(1 katori)Skim Curd(1 katori)
3:30 PM Tea without Sugar(1 cup)
4:00 PM Masala Murmura(1 katori)
8:00 PM Boiled Mixed Vegetable Salad(1 bowl)
8:05 PM Mixed Dal and Vegetable Khichdi(2 katori)Skim Curd(1 katori)
10:00 PM Skimmed Milk(1 teacup)Turmeric Powder(1 tsp)Pepper Powder(1 teaspoon)


As with any weight loss diet, consistency is key. It is important to stay on track with any diet plan to see good results. Having two healthy meals in a day will not compensate for one unhealthy meal. One must eat healthy at all times to avoid gaining excess weight. Given above are some of the best foods to eat to lose weight. Following this meal plan will help you shed the extra weight and will keep you healthy. It is very important to exercise portion control with your diet. Any food, healthy or not, when in excess, will lead to weight gain. Use your stomach as your guide and eat until you are full. In addition to a healthy diet, try to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the best food to eat to lose weight?

A: There is no single best food for weight loss. Eating a diet rich in nutrients and eating all food groups needed by the body to function well, will help in weight loss as well. Stay away from junk and processed foods which add fat and rob the body of other essential nutrients needed for weight loss.

Q. What should I eat to burn fat?

A: Focus on a balanced diet with complex carbohydrate-rich grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits along with protein-rich lean meats, dairy, pulses, nuts and seeds. Eating healthy fats like those found in fish, dairy, nuts and seeds will also help in getting rid of excess body fat.

Q. Do eggs burn fat?

A: Eggs can promote weight loss as well as fat loss if incorporated into a calorie-controlled diet and limiting the overall fat intake. Eggs contain protein which can promote fullness. Also, an egg has all the vital nutrients a body needs to function well and can boost metabolism. The omega-3 fat in eggs is known as good fat and helps in many body functions which can ultimately promote fat loss as well.

Q. What do I avoid eating in order to lose weight?

A: Avoid all junk, processed, refined foods along with highly fried and sugary foods. Avoid sugary drinks and colas which add to excess calories as well. Alcohol also has empty calories and needs to be avoided.

Q. Which fruit helps lose weight fast?

A: Fruits contain little to no fat, which is why they are the ideal addition to your weight loss diet. They are packed with high levels of vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein. Some easily available fruits that are great for losing weight are bananas, apples, avocado, berries, melons, papaya, kiwi etc.  Here are the 10 best fruits for weight loss and other related benefits. 

Q. Does rice make you fat?

A: It depends on the type of rice consumed. While white rice is processed and thus leads to weight gain, other varieties like brown rice or other wild rice have several benefits. They are whole grains that have both the bran and germ intact and thus are packed with fibre and various nutrients. Inversely, white rice is processed and correspondingly stripped of its nutrients. Furthermore, white rice is almost entirely composed of carbohydrates in the form of starches and glucose that also contribute to weight gain. 

Q. How can I get slim without exercise?

Start your meal with a bowl of salad or stir fry veggies. They are packed with essential nutrients and fibre which would make you. Take small quantities of food on your plate. The small quantities of any food do more good than any possible harm to our body by extracting the necessary nutrients from the item consumed. Remember to chew slowly and thoroughly. Additionally, take a smaller plate which gets full sooner and satisfies your hunger faster. Avoid having aerated drinks at all. 

Q. What drink helps burn fat?

A: There are many key beverages that help you reach your health goals. A few of them are green tea, black tea, black coffee and apple cider vinegar drinks.  When you take liquids regularly, it boosts your metabolism. Consuming these drinks can also help keep away the hunger pangs that make you binge on unhealthy junk food.

Q: How can I lose my stomach fat?

A: 3 easiest tips to lose your stomach fat fast and efficiently are

  1. Getting enough sleep

Sleep deprivation can cause a hormonal imbalance in the body and lead to weight gain. It even causes binge eating.

  1. Drink Enough Water

    Water metabolizes stored fat efficiently. Drinking water throughout the day gives you a feeling of being full and helps keep your appetite at bay. 
  2. Never Skip Breakfast

    Breakfast is the most important meal, as it provides the essential energy to begin your day. Skipping breakfast messes with your metabolism, slowing down the fat-burning process. Eating a healthy breakfast during the day helps reduce cravings and prevents excessive hunger throughout the day. 

Q. How can I lose weight in 7 days at home?

This is a very subjective question and the answer depends entirely on how well you adhere to following those positive habits in the day. Moreover, it’s not about losing weight in 7 days but looking at how to keep the weight off for 7 months to a year or to 7 years and more. It’s about developing a positive lifestyle that will enable you to keep yourself fit and healthy for life. So, please avoid any shortcuts as they will lead to shortfalls. Work on improving things in the nutrition front and fitness front one step at a time to achieve health on a long-term basis.

Q. Is milk good for weight loss?

A: Yes. Milk has a good mix of fat, calcium and essential nutrients that provide energy to keep you active throughout the day. It boosts metabolism which catalyses weight loss faster and in a healthier way. Milk has a blend of good fats necessary for the body that lubricates bones and maintains a good muscle mass, making your body stronger from the core. Drinking a glass of milk helps you in countering dehydration and serves as a better alternative to sugary drinks.

Q. Do bananas increase weight?

A:  Bananas are rich in carbohydrates and calories, which help gain weight naturally. Bananas are fairly high in sugar, which can turn into body fat more quickly than other nutrients. However, bananas are rich in their fibre content and control the hunger hormones that make you feel full for longer. Their sweet taste and creamy texture may also help reduce unhealthy cravings. Thus bananas cannot be directly linked to weight gain or loss but are linked to various other factors like portion size, time of consumption and lifestyle pattern. 

Q. Is Potato good for weight loss?

A: No, potatoes are a great source of calories and proteins that may help people gain weight. A study proved that eating potatoes helped women increase weight over some time.

Q. How can I lose weight naturally?

A: Many small lifestyle and dietary changes can help one lose weight. Some of them are: Start your meal with a bowl of salad or stir fry veggies.They are packed with essential nutrients and fibre which would make you. Take small quantities of food on your plate. The small quantities of any food do more good than any possible harm to our body by extracting the necessary nutrients from the item consumed. Remember to chew slowly and thoroughly. Additionally, take a smaller plate which gets full sooner and satisfies your hunger faster. Avoid having aerated drinks at all. 

Q. What is the military diet?

A: Military diet is a special diet plan that claims to help one lose up to 5 kgs in a week. However, the military diet is highly controversial and is disparaged in the nutritional arena. We recommend you to follow a steady and gradual approach with positive lifestyle habits on a long-term basis that will help to achieve a reduction in overall body fat.

Q. What foods burn fat while you sleep?

A: Foods like Greek yoghurt, cherries, avocado, cottage cheese, banana, almonds etc. are perfect to have right before bed as they not only help you sleep faster and better but even burn body fat while you snooze. 

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