My beauty routine is a series of Goldilocks moments. I have combination skin, which means I run oily in the T-zone and dry everywhere else. Prescription-strength retinoids have always been way too strong for me, yet OTC retinols don’t get the job done (I’m a fan of retinaldehyde, which serves as a middle ground).

As for my makeup choices, it’s a similar story: I find many light-coverage foundations a bit too cakey, yet tinted moisturizers apply way too sheer. So I opt for a skin tint as a happy medium—and of all the formulas I’ve tried, very few have impressed me more than Saie Beauty’s Slip Tint

Why I love the Saie Beauty Slip Tint. 

I’ll say this upfront: Slip Tint is a very sheer, lightweight product. It offers more of a base than a tinted moisturizer (as most skin tints do), but if you’re looking for fuller coverage, you might find more success with a thicker foundation or concealer. Personally, if I’m dealing with blemishes, I’ll apply Slip Tint first then tap my favorite concealer over any spots I’d like to disguise. That way, I can cover up breakouts and still let my natural skin texture shine through. 

But I’ll discuss the best application techniques later—for now, allow me to gush about the skin care-stacked ingredient list. Slip Tint is the definition of a skin care-makeup hybrid: It contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin to plump the skin with hydration, licorice root extract to help brighten your complexion, pansy flower extract to offer antioxidant protection, and grapeseed oil and aloe vera to lock in moisture and nail that silky “slip” consistency.

To top it off, Slip Tint also boasts SPF 35 with 100% mineral zinc oxide; however, thanks to the aforementioned hydrating ingredients, it doesn’t pill or appear chalky like other zinc oxide formulas can (even with added tints, some can appear way too dry). No lie, it’s the most dewy complexion product you can find, and it comes in 14 gorgeous shades. 

In terms of wearability, again, Slip Tint offers very lightweight coverage. I honestly forget that I have it on—except when I catch glimpses of myself in the mirror and wonder how my skin looks so even and glowy. 

To apply, you can totally use a beauty sponge or foundation brush, but I find the best payoff comes from blending with your fingers; the consistency is pretty thin and serum-like, which typically calls for a fingerpainting situation. The warmth from your skin also helps the formula melt into your complexion easier, which provides a more natural finish. 

I use one to two pumps of the shade Two and place dots of product on the middle points of my face: my forehead, chin, and near the sides of my nose. I then blend upwards and outwards, which concentrates most of the glow-inducing pigment in the center and creates that “lit-from-within” radiance. Plus, most of my discoloration and textural concerns happen near my T-zone, so I also like to place most of my coverage there.

If I’m wearing minimal makeup (a “no-makeup makeup” look, if you will), I’ll follow up with a cream blush and brow powder, and call it a day. Those three products are really all I need (plus a trusty tinted lip balm), and because Slip Tint fuses to my skin so seamlessly, it stays put all day long. I don’t even need a setting powder to make sure it doesn’t budge; although, sometimes I will tap Saie’s Airset on areas known to crease, like around my nose and mouth. But if you ask me what I’m wearing on a “good” skin day, it’s likely just Slip Tint. The glow is that good. 

Saie’s Slip Tint is the only product I’ll use for a natural-looking, never cakey base. You might want to layer a concealer over it if you’re hoping for more coverage, but if you’d like to mask mild discoloration and provide an even, allover glow, this skin tint is your best buy. And for a $35 formula that provides so many skin care benefits (SPF included), it’s a score.