Sarah Regan


September 15, 2023

Sarah Regan

mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor

By Sarah Regan

mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor

Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, and a registered yoga instructor. She received her bachelor’s in broadcasting and mass communication from SUNY Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.

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September 15, 2023

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Scorpio is known for being the mysterious and brooding Scorpion of the zodiac, so when it comes to compatibility, which of the other signs make a good match? Here’s how Scorpio fares with each of the 12 zodiac signs, according to experts, plus what to know about this sign in love.


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Scorpio in love

As a fixed water sign, Scorpio is armed with deep intuition, power, and an air of mystery. Like the Scorpion that it’s symbolized by, Scorpio is not a sign to mess with, because they have a stringer and they’re not afraid to use it—and they’ll never forget what happened, either.

Its modern planetary ruler, Pluto (and Mars in ancient astrology), is no doubt to thank for this sign’s brooding and often intense demeanor, with Pluto representing rebirth and transformation, and Mars, war and action.

And when it comes to their relationships, a typical Scorpio is known to be intensely passionate, sexual, and deep. They’re looking for someone to explore new territory with—a partner they can take to travel to the outermost regions of desire, explore sex and sexuality with, and get to know on a deeper level.

There is a regenerative, explorative, and even healing quality to the typical Scorpio’s sex life. In the bedroom, emotional intimacy and true sexual connection are just as important as experimentation and playfulness for this sign.

Scorpios are also generally more interested in long-term partnerships than quick, casual flings. But thanks to their watery nature, they’re usually more comfortable feeling their feelings than expressing them. If you’re in a new relationship with a Scorpio partner, you might need to ask how they’re doing and what they’re thinking pretty frequently. But in time, Scorpios will slowly reveal themselves.

With that being said, Scorpios seek the truth—and if you’re keeping a secret, they’ll be able to tell. A date with a Scorpio can easily turn into a low-key interrogation session if they feel you’re holding something back. However, all of this truth-seeking can be beautiful, as it leads Scorpio into deep and meaningful friendships and relationships.

One thing they do need to watch out for, however, is possessiveness and jealousy. Scorpios can grip tight, and aren’t known for being the most forgiving sign in the zodiac.


Scorpios are passionate, sexual, and deep. They are more interested in long-term partnerships than quick flings and are more comfortable feeling their feelings than expressing them.


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Scorpio & Aries

Scorpio and Aries make a pretty unlikely pair, despite both having Mars-like tendencies. Ultimately, they’re very different and might have a hard time relating to each other.

As astrologer and holistic psychiatrist Kayse Budd, M.D., previously told mindbodygreen mindbodygreen, “Fire and water make steam, [which] can definitely make for a passionate connection—but, it can also overheat Scorpio and dampen Aries.”

As she explains, Aries may find Scorpio intense, unrelenting, and controlling, while Scorpio may find Aries erratic, impulsive, and self-serving. “If Aries hurts Scorpio’s feelings,” she says, “the Aries may not be able to understand or own the transgression in a way that is satisfying to the Scorpio.” Aries simply isn’t built with the emotional range that comes so naturally to Scorpio, she notes.

Compatibility rating: 5/10

Scorpio & Taurus

Taurus and Scorpio sit opposite each other on the zodiac wheel. An “opposition” is one example of an “aspect” or angle formed in astrology, and while it’s not the easiest aspect to deal with, it can be very rewarding when two people can embrace each other’s differences and find balance.

When they do, in fact, they can be each other’s true soul mate. Even these two signs’ respective elements of earth and water make for a soothing and healing combo. In the same way clay or mud can be rejuvenating, when an earth and water sign come together, they can create a relationship with a lot of comfort, depth, and grounding.

“When you actually balance these two, Taurus invites Scorpio to be more present, more alive, and more aware of what’s actually happening right now,” astrology expert and co-founder of Zenchronocity Megan Michelena explains, adding, “And then Scorpio, in turn, really invites Taurus to get into their depths and to understand that we all have this ability to be more than what we seem.”

Compatibility rating: 10/10

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Scorpio & Gemini

Next up we have Scorpio and Gemini, and as astrology expert Imani Quinn previously told mindbodygreen, Scorpio operates in the depths, while Gemini prefers to keep things light.

“Gemini tends to look for the positive out of situations, and they want to stay away from shadow work, so pairing them with a Scorpio is really challenging because Scorpio’s main goal is to come into rebirth, to find the truth—and they’re the epitome of the sign that does shadow work,” she explains.

You can really see how Gemini and Scorpio don’t “line up” (literally) when you look at an astrological chart. They sit next to the other’s opposition (Scorpio’s opposing sign is Taurus, which comes before Gemini, while Gemini’s is Sagittarius, which comes after Scorpio). Without getting too into the nitty-gritty of aspects in astrology, what’s important to understand is that these two signs are considered “quincunx” or “inconjunct,” AKA they don’t understand each other.

Compatibility rating: 6/10

Scorpio & Cancer

Scorpio and Cancer share a common element of water, which can make this a very sentimental and meaningful relationship. However, too much of anything is too much—so with a double-water pair, couples need to watch out for all emotion and no rationale, or even having emotional outbursts.

Cancer is, after all, one of the moodier signs of the zodiac, but luckily, Scorpio has no problem facing the darker sides of things. In this way, Cancer can soften Scorpio’s tough exterior, while Scorpio can encourage Cancer and boost them up.

As long as these two avoid codependence and drowning in the depths of their own emotions, they can make a very nurturing pair for each other.

Compatibility rating: 9/10


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Scorpio & Leo

Scorpio and Leo form a 90-degree angle on the zodiac wheel, also known as a “square” aspect. As the AstroTwins previously wrote for mindbodygreen, squares in a relationship help you work through issues with a difficult parent, usually by reactivating old, painful wounds. “There can be power struggles and clashing agendas—don’t expect to kick back and put your feet up in this match.”

That said, Scorpio is also a water sign, while Leo is all fire. As Budd aforementioned, fire and water can make steam, but it can also overheat Scorpio and dampen the fire sign, which in this case, is Leo.

Plus, Scorpio prefers to keep things mysterious, while Leo likes to be the star of the show. This can result in Scorpio feeling put on the spot by Leo’s need for attention, while Leo will be frustrated by Scorpio’s unwillingness to open up.

Compatibility rating: 5/10

Scorpio & Virgo

As astrologer Jennifer Racioppi previously told mindbodygreen, Scorpio and Virgo are two signs that can do really well together, “assuming the rest of their charts are compatible.” In terms of sun sign compatibility, though, she says that the combination of earth and water “creates a really healing mix.”

And according to astrologer Molly Pennington, Ph.D., there’s an “unexpected magic” that occurs when these two signs come together because they both have a knack for interrogation, analysis, and the microscopic. They both have a strong capacity for seeing through the layers of things, she explains, though they may have different motivations for doing so.

But when they put their heads together, there’s seemingly nothing these two can’t figure out. Virgo just needs to watch out for being overly critical of Scorpio, while Scorpio needs to remember to acknowledge and cherish Virgo’s dedication.

Compatibility rating: 8/10


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Scorpio & Libra

Despite being side by side on the zodiac wheel, Libra and Scorpio aren’t typically thought of as compatible because they operate very differently. That’s the difference between water and air, after all. “They have different needs, and they would have to be very attuned to each other’s needs and be willing to compromise and balance each other out,” Quinn explains.

Scorpio also tends to be more introverted than Libra, she adds, so Scorpio may run into issues with their social battery if their Libra partner wants to be on the go all the time.

They also have different ways of processing things, with Libra being more intellectual, and Scorpio more emotional. As Quinn puts it, “Scorpio needs to go all the way, deep to the root, in order to be able to move on, where Libra doesn’t necessarily,” adding that Libras tend to look at emotions a lot more intellectually and even a bit more on the surface than a Scorpio would.

Compatibility rating: 7/10

Scorpio & Scorpio

When a Scorpio connects with another Scorpio, there will likely be an instant kinship or recognition that there’s common ground between the two of them, which will, of course, lead to attraction.

The only concern here is whether these Scorpios have integrated their more shadowy aspects in order to become well-rounded people. This can be a sign that’s prone to jealousy, possessiveness, controlling behavior, and even paranoia, and if one or both people is exhibiting those qualities, these two water signs can feed off each other in a toxic way.

However, when they’re mature and have released the urge to control their romantic partner, few others will be able to understand a Scorpio as well as another Scorpio. The depth and allure of this connection is unmatched.

Compatibility rating: 8/10


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Scorpio & Sagittarius

When it comes to Sag and Scorpio, Sagittarius will initially see Scorpio as a challenge, but further, one they have no problem rising to. The harder something is to achieve, the more the Sagittarius wants to go after it, and Scorpio certainly knows how to make themselves elusive.

As astrologer Amber Harkin of The Cosmic Playground previously told mindbodygreen, “[These two signs] mostly experience life through a completely different lens. However, that is what makes them most fascinating to each other. If they remain open, they might see how their energies can actually help bring out parts hidden within the other.”

And as astrologer Desiree Roby Antila previously wrote for mindbodygreen, Scorpio and Sag will also bond over their attempts to answer life’s most burning questions. “If Sag and Scorpio are able to burn their flame steadily rather than at both ends, they will have a powerful connection,” she adds.

Compatibility rating: 6/10

Scorpio & Capricorn

Scorpio and Capricorn are like the ultimate power-couple of astrology, because both of them value success and a degree of status—and they’re able to help each other get there.

These two also form a sextile on the zodiac wheel, which Budd says is favorable. “The signs and planets involved in sextiles usually reveal their positive energies or positive sides to each other and can be used synergistically,” she previously told mindbodygreen.

And this is good news for a Cap-Scorpio matchup, because they’ll likely feel those sparks right away. According to Roby Antila, not only are these two able to open up to each other more than they might with other signs, but they’re also both very selective when it comes to how (and with whom) they spend their time with. Both of these signs are also incredibly loyal and family oriented, so you can think of them as the long-haulers of the zodiac.

Compatibility rating: 8/10

Scorpio & Aquarius

Scorpio and Aquarius are another pair that form a square aspect, which, as aforementioned, is known to be one of the more difficult aspects in astrology.

There’s potential with this matchup to be full of introspection and healing—but only if they can get the ball rolling first. Scorpio takes their sweet time getting to know somebody, meanwhile Aquarius is probably the most aloof sign in the zodiac. Put them together and it can be unclear who’s going to make the first move. As Quinn adds, “I wouldn’t put Aquarius with any water sign romantically because Aquarius is just so detached emotionally, and they’re very independent when it comes to their lives.” 

But as the twins previously wrote for mindbodygreen, the opportunity of the square aspect is to “teach you how to compromise with an equally strong-willed partner.” When you strike that delicate balance, they add, “you can make an undeniable ‘power couple’—a true force to be reckoned with.”

Compatibility rating: 6/10

Scorpio & Pisces

Last but not least, we have Scorpio and Pisces. As two water signs, Quinn says, these two can understand each other, yes—but also implode on themselves because there’s too much water. This is a couple who will have frequent deep talks and have no problem diving into each other’s psyches. But love can’t be all heavy all the time.

Further, Scorpio tends to be a bit more intense than a Pisces can handle, Quinn says, whether that’s with regard to commitment, loyalty, or boundaries. “So they’re different in that sense, but once they do finally commit, it could really go the distance,” Pennington adds, because a Pisces’ love is unconditional, and Scorpio is incredibly loyal and steadfast when they make up their minds to be.

Overall, this pair can find a lot of camaraderie and mutual support in each other.

Compatibility rating: 8/10


What is a Scorpios best match?

A Scorpio’s best match will likely be either their opposite sign, Taurus, or a water sign (Cancer, Pisces, or another Scorpio).

Who should a Scorpio marry?

A Scorpio can realistically have a happy marriage with any astrological sign, but they may do best with their opposite sign, Taurus, or any of the water and earth signs (Cancer, Pisces, Virgo, Capricorn, or another Scorpio).

What is Scorpio worst match?

There is no sure “worst match” for any of the signs, but Scorpios may find it more challenging to get along with the fire and air signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, and Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius).

Who is Scorpios soul mate?

A Scorpio’s soulmate could be any sign, but astrologically speaking, opposite signs are soul mates, which for Scorpio, is Taurus.

The takeaway

When it comes to astrological compatibility, comparing both people’s entire charts (aka “synastry” or relationship astrology) is necessary to get the full picture. However, when it comes to the Scorpio archetype, it’s clear that certain signs will get along with them better than others.