“Foundation can be overwhelming and sometimes discouraging, because most people are searching for the perfect shade,” Dempsey says. Even if you’re met with a wider shade range, unique traits like undertones can make the process more challenging. 

“People will try applying many different types or shades of foundation and instead of creating an even tone, it ends up looking like too much, and that’s never what you want,” she adds. “For those looking for the right color and formula for their skin type and tone, I recommend cocktailing any highly pigmented foundation with neutralizing products, like my Mixturizer, for a personal and seamless application.”

Translation: Rather than using your foundation alone, add a bit of your pigment to a a highly-moisturizing base. You can opt for your favorite lightweight face cream or a hydrating primer. 

You can even do this with concealer: Simply dab a bit of concealer on the back of your hand and mix it with your base moisturizing product. Then apply the concealer wherever you see fit, be it under the eyes, over blemishes, etc. 

For those with dry skin, this might even help keep your complexion supple throughout the day. Some foundation and concealer formulas are naturally hydrating, but others can dry out the skin as the hours pass. This trick will help prevent flaking and creasing, as well as encourage a natural finish.