I love a product that wears a lot of hats, so I decided to start playing around with it in my hair routine too. I’ve found it’s an easy swap for several of my other hair oils. However, here I’d like to caveat that this is my own personal use case—and I’m very comfortable experimenting with the formula as I’m very aware of my own personal ingredient sensitivities and what works for me. 

Post shampoo, I use it as part of my cocktailing routine. Because I have long, wavy, and naturally dry hair, I layer on leave-in conditioning products when the hair is damp to help keep the hair fiber soft and shiny. I’ve found that adding a thin coating of the oil as my last step helps trap in the nutrients from my leave-in, without weighing the hair down as it dries. I’ll apply it from midshaft to end, giving a bit more attention to the tips of the hair, as those are always the most in need of conditioning. 

Or on days when I wear it up or in a braid, I use it to smooth down flyaways and add a soft glossy shine. The formula dissipates over the hair pretty evenly, so there are no clumpy, greasy patches. It’s also very sheer wheat gold, so it doesn’t tint my blonde highlights, unlike amber hair oils. 

But perhaps my favorite use: It also makes for a great scalp massage oil. On my wash days, I typically do some sort of pre-shampoo scalp massage before jumping into the shower. Scalp massages are great for hair health as they boost circulation to the area, physically help break up buildup, and provide nutrients to the skin from the oil itself. Research even shows that regular scalp massages can help improve hair growth1: In the 2019 study, 300 participants practiced daily scalp massages for about 10 minutes, and nearly 70% of them reported growth and increased thickness. 

Doing this pre-shampoo ritual also provides another bonus: The oil adds a protective layer over the hair fiber, which can reduce physical damage during the wash. While a very necessary step to keep the scalp clean and irritation-free, washing the hair can be harsh on already fragile strands (like mine, which are prone to breakage). For those with damage-prone hair, adding a pre-shampoo oil can help reduce the risk of snagging and hair loss in the shower.