Like most sauna blankets, the HigherDose design only has one heat source—but the warmth stays perfectly trapped within the PU design. There’s not only a secure zip-up closure to keep air locked in, but a combination of charcoal, clay, and magnets woven into the materials to keep heat levels balanced throughout. Plus, there’s a layer of healing amethyst and tourmaline for added crystal therapy.

Best of all, setting up the infrared blanket is super easy, per our co-founder Colleen Wachob. You simply plug in the blanket, slip into the design, and prepare to relax. Once finished, you just have to wipe down the sweat-drenched interior with a towel. (Pro tip: Reviewers recommend investing in the plush towel insert to make clean-up even smoother.)

Infrared sessions can be done up to four times per a week—and if the reviews any indication, you’ll wish you could do it more often. Called “just as effective as sitting in a sauna room,” the blanket earned rave reviews from a shopper who called it the “most regenerative, soothing parts” of their day. What’s more, the blanket has as nearly perfect rating after accumulating more than 2,300 reviews. No wonder so many people deemed it the ultimate self-care gift.

Whether you want to relax ahead of the holidays or simply hope to invest in your longevity, there’s never been a better time for you to officially splurge on the HigherDose Infrared Sauna Blanket. The current markdown is not only the brand’s biggest sale of the year, but it’s a rare opportunity to save more than $100 on the best-seller. Plus, a 30-day guarantee ensures you have plenty of time to give this treatment a go—though we think it’ll be with you well into the New Year.