Jubril’s record lift wasn’t his only notable achievement.

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Seun Jubril has featured as a powerlifter in just three contests in his competitive career. That likely puts his reputation in a place where he’s still relatively unknown in the strength sports realm. With a new massive feat in the account and a few other personal milestones, it might not be long before the 27-year-old athlete is a household name.

On Nov. 5, 2022, Jubril captured a 357.5-kilogram (788.1-pound) raw deadlift during a first-place performance in the 82.5-kilogram weight class at the 2022 USA Powerlifting (USAPL) Michigan State Championships in Goodrich, MI. Jubril’s lift is his all-time raw competition best and a USAPL American Record in the 82.5-kilogram division. It surpasses Angelo Fortino’s previous record mark of 357 kilograms (787 pounds) from the 2022 USAPL Mega Nationals. Jubril wore a lifting belt and accomplished his pull from a sumo stance.

Jubril’s lift also puts him in a unique position for another potential record. Per the USAPL record database, if Jubril can successfully add 5.4 kilograms (11.9 pounds) to his competition deadlift in the near future, he could become the first 82.5-kilogram competitor to pull at least 362.9 kilograms (800 pounds) raw on a sanctioned lifting platform. Given that Jubril successfully added 17.5 kilograms (38.6 pounds) to his deadlift from his last contest — the 2022 USAPL Raw Strength Summer Showdown in early July 2022 — it might not be a stretch to see the athlete become a pulling pioneer soon.

In addition to his USAPL American Record deadlift, Jubril also logged all-time competition bests on his back squat (250 kilograms/551.1 pounds), bench press (182.5 kilograms/402.3 pounds), and total (790 kilograms/1,741.6 pounds).

Here’s an overview of his performance:

Seun Jubril (82.5KG) | 2022 USAPL Michigan State Championships Top Stats

  • Squat — 250 kilograms (551.1 pounds) | All-Time Competition Best
  • Bench Press — 182.5 kilograms (402.3 pounds) | All-Time Competition Best | Michigan State Record
  • Deadlift — 357.5 kilograms (788.1 pounds) | All-Time Competition Best | USAPL American Record
  • Total — 790 kilograms (1,741.6 pounds) | All-Time Competition Best

Appropriately, Jubril was in a reflective, optimistic mood in a recap post on his Instagram. He also looked ahead to a potentially bright competitive future.

“It’s encouraging seeing the progress I’ve been able to make from meet to meet, and I do not see it slowing down,” Jubril wrote. “I’m hungry and got some big goals. We’re just getting warmed up.”

At this time, as he basks in the glow of his deadlift record, Jubril hasn’t outlined when he’ll next compete. Based on his recent career precedent, it very well could be a powerlifting performance to remember.

Featured image: @seunyboi on Instagram

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