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Tanya Carroll Richardson is an author and professional intuitive, giving readings to clients all over the world.

9 Actually Doable Ways To Protect Yourself From Negative Energy Daily

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November 4, 2022

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We live in particularly tumultuous times, and the past few years may have had you craving even more mystical, energetic protection. While I believe Spirit tries its best to shield us from the painful and chaotic forces in this world, the following are some ways to energetically call in even more protection:


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Place symbols of protection in or around your home. 

Every religion and mystical tradition contains well-known symbols of protection. Find one or two that resonate with you, and place them on a wall, near an entryway, or in the garden of your home. As an angel person, I keep angel figurines around my home and find comfort in their gentle reminder. As someone of predominantly Irish and Scottish heritage, I also have a few Celtic crosses hanging in my office.


Try to maintain a peaceful energy in your home. 

Let me start by stating the obvious—it’s not always possible to keep the peace at home. Nor is it always healthy, when an argument or expression of painful emotions is what’s really called for. Overall, it’s nice to feel your home is a pleasant sanctuary you can retreat to, so promote kindness and courtesy as much as possible among pets, roommates, guests, and family members.


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Keep stones of protection in key spots around a space, on your person, or in your car. 

People I know who are very sensitive to ghosts and energy, in general, swear by black tourmaline. Get a big chunk of this inexpensive stone and put it near your bed or by an entryway. I like to keep lots of little stones and crystals on the windowsills of every room in my home—it’s both pretty and protective!

Other great stones for protection are black obsidian, black onyx, and smoky quartz. I personally also like to use rose and clear quartz for protection. Keep a smaller piece of black tourmaline in your purse or backpack, and a piece of smoky quartz in the glove box of your car. A friend had a challenging new manager at work, so they put a piece of black obsidian inside their desk and that manager stopped approaching their desk! It doesn’t always work in every situation or with every person, but it’s usually worth a try.

Archangel Michael is the go-to for protection, a warrior archangel with the heart of a teddy bear. This archangel can even be a lovely sleep aid for some energy-sensitive people if you feel anxious falling asleep, are sleeping in a new space like a hotel, or experience nightmares. When you call on archangel Michael in your thoughts, you might feel an energy shift in the room. If you suspect some strange energy or even a ghost, again call on angels. Try to meet a wandering spirit with as much compassion as possible, and don’t pay it any more attention than necessary. Call on angels to then lovingly help this soul transition to the other side. This is a process I outline in more detail in my book Angel Intuition.

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Keep spaces tidy, organized, and aesthetically pleasing. 

Clutter, excessive trash or dust, and lots of broken objects can attract unwanted energies. It’s not about being a neat freak or a hard-core minimalist. Simply do little things to straighten up and keep order, like making your bed, loading the dishwasher, or organizing stacks of bills. If you are trying to protect yourself from negative energy, remove any objects in a space that make you feel negative, like the rug you never liked to begin with or a picture that reminds you of a difficult time. Zhuzh up spaces with colors and patterns you love and objects that make you feel happy or cozy. Add fresh flowers or plants for extra zing and positive vibes!


Use natural light and nature sounds to air out the energy of rarely used spaces. 

I’m lucky enough to have a spare bedroom—that does not get much use. When guests are there, it’s a lot of healthy activity in the space. Otherwise it sits dormant. Occasionally I make a point of using it as a reading room or for video chatting with loved ones, opening the blinds to let in natural light, and playing some soft, healing music or nature sounds. (I also keep a few crystals in there.) Unused or rarely used spaces can sometimes attract odd energies that may view the space as a safe place to camp out. You can call in a spirit guide to anchor the space or put some spirit animal figurines or images in the space to protect it.


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Clear the energy of a space with a physical clean, or with smoke, sound, or water. 

My favorite way to clear the energy of a space is by giving it a surface, or even deep, clean. I love the light, expansive energetic feeling of a home or office that’s just been cleaned or tidied! You can also clear the energy of a space by burning natural incense in it, ringing a bell, or spraying aromatherapy. If you are moving around the space while clearing, send out loving energy or repeat an uplifting mantra like, “Love anchors this space.” Often spaces will have a calmer energy afterward.


Learn how to say no to others to protect your energy. 

Saying no when yes is not an authentic answer is how you become your own superhero. It can sometimes take the courage and strength of a superhero to do this, though! Practice saying no in small ways—like to a neighbor or coworker who asks for yet another favor when you’re already busy and stressed—to build up your stamina for saying no in bigger ways. This prevents drains on your energy and also sends out the message to others that you have healthy boundaries—then they may begin treating you in a healthier way.


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Observe all common sense and conventional methods of protection.

Studies show that one of the best ways to keep your car, home, and digital spaces safe is by observing the obvious, like locking doors and windows, keeping porch lights or motion-sensor lights on, checking accounts regularly, etc. While this might seem like very practical advice, there’s an energy component here too. Not only will people be more inclined not to break in if they physically try a door and find it’s locked, but energetically you are sending out a message people may sense on another level.

In general, keeping your earthly life orderly, taking care of more mundane responsibilities, and being pragmatic complements your mystical development and energetic attunement!

The takeaway.

So many things in life are out of our control. While there is no talisman against negative experiences, try a few of the suggestions here and notice if you experience less negative energy.


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