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Tempur-Pedic Vs. Sleep Number: What To Know (& Which Beds To Shop)

November 2, 2022

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A lot of things could be messing with your sleep, but your mattress shouldn’t be one of them. If you’re willing to invest in your sleep—it’s an investment in your health, after all—you’ll find plenty of category-leading brands ready to offer your next sleep solution. While we could rave about a number of mattresses, especially in the non-toxic space, two brands dominate the luxury mattress space: Tempur-Pedic and Sleep Number. Both companies offer a fleet of high-quality products, each with their own pros and cons.

Ahead, we take a deeper dive into Tempur-Pedic vs Sleep Number debate, analyzing similarities and differences in both materials and features offered by each sleep innovate. We’ve also included a few of our top picks from each brand, so you can focus more on achieving a higher-quality sleep instead of trying to sift through endless options. Well, once you’ve determined your preferred brand.

A peek at our top Tempur-Pedic & Sleep Number picks:

A closer look at Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic is a luxury bedding brand that offers high-quality mattresses, bed bases, and a range of bedding products.


The brand is best known for its TEMPUR® material, a special type of memory foam that offers motion cancellation, weight distribution, and contouring benefits to the body. This proprietary material is used in each of the brand’s mattresses, as well as its body pads, toppers, and pillow products. Cotton, bamboo, and other materials are used in its bedding products (sheets, comforters, blankets, and protectors).

Bed Bases/Foundations

Tempur-Pedic also offers adjustable bed bases and foundations, used in lieu of traditional mattress frames, box springs, and headboards. All bed frames are fully adjustable, with a wireless remote that works to elevate the head and foot of the bed. Depending on the model you choose, some frames also include USB ports, under bed lighting, and Sleeptracker-AI technology, to track sleep patterns and prevent snoring.

Note: All bed bases and foundations are sold separately, and are not included in your mattress purchase.


There are currently three types of mattresses available, each with varying thickness, support, and combination of materials. The mattresses accommodate a range of standard bed sizes, and can be paired with any of the brand’s bed frames or foundations, for a unique and customizable sleep experience.

Shipping, Trial, & Warranty

Tempur-Pedic offers a ninety day trial, a ten-year warranty, and white glove delivery service for its mattresses—this includes delivery, set up of your new bed, and removal of your old bed.

A closer look at Sleep Number

Sleep Number offers a range of mattresses, bedding products, and adjustable frames and bases.


The brand uses petroleum-based polyurethane foam in its mattresses, with a latex and rubber blend for the air chambers. Additional bedding products (comforters, sheets, blankets, and duvets) are made from cotton, lyocell and other textiles. Pillows, mattress pads and mattresses toppers are also available from the brand, and are made with similar materials.

Bed Bases/Foundations

Sleep Number offers three adjustable bed bases. These bases/foundations can be customized to elevate head and feet positions, and also offer under bed lighting to users. Since the brand creates smart beds only, each of them has built-in SleepIQ technology, which tracks sleep habits and trends, and provides detailed reports with tips on how to improve your sleep.


The brand has several mattresses to choose from—each with different benefits. Every Sleep Number mattress comes with a built-in pump, which controls the firmness of the bed by adding and removing air from the chambers. The pump has sensors to help monitor time in bed, heart rate, and movement.

Shipping, Trial, & Warranty

Sleep Number offers a 100 night trial, plus a 15 year warranty. All mattresses are delivered and set up by the brand’s delivery team. Bases and additional bedding products are shipped separately through UPS.

Tempur-Pedic vs. Sleep Number: Which brand should you choose?

For back or neck pain, pressure relief, and motion isolation: choose Tempur-Pedic.

While both brands offer a range of mattresses for all different sleepers, Bridget Chapman, a certified sleep science coach, says sleepers seeking pain relief will benefit most from a Tempur-Pedic mattress. “Tempur-Pedic mattresses offer better motion isolation, contouring, and pressure relief, making them ideal for combination and heavy sleepers, sleepers with neck or back pain, and those who want a hybrid option,” she explains.

Hot sleepers, back sleepers, and side sleepers: choose Sleep Number

Chapman adds that, because mattresses from Sleep Number offer customizable firmness levels and cooling properties, they are ideal for hot sleepers, back and side sleepers, as well as couples with different sleep preferences sharing a bed.

For sleep insights & tracking: choose Sleep Number

Similarly, since Sleep Number mattresses have smart bed technology, sleep educator Dr. Carleara Weiss, Ph.D, confirms that they are a better choice for those looking to use tech to improve their sleep habits. “The SleepIQ tech collects biometric measures while the person sleeps, including heart rate, breathing pattern, and movements,” Dr. Weiss says. “The data is then used to adjust the mattress firmness, cooling, and adjustability for the subsequent nights to improve sleep quality in a personalized fashion. In addition, the smart bed comes with an app that allows users to see their progress and track their sleep efficiency.”

Tempur-Pedic vs Sleep Number: How Do They Stand Up Against Mold?

In case you didn’t know, all bedding products are susceptible to mold—mattresses included. If mold is of high concern, Alaina Ross, a registered nurse and sleep coach, warns that mattresses from Sleep Number are more susceptible to this bacteria, due to the air chambers. “Most Sleep Number beds come equipped with either one or two air chambers, which allow sleepers to control and adjust the firmness profile of the mattress,” she says. “While this certainly may be a benefit for certain types of sleepers, the internal framework of the beds also allow for more moisture to accumulate, which may promote mold growth.”

To help protect your mattress and other bedding products from mold, Ross suggests making sure your mattress is not directly sitting on the floor or pushed up against a wall. “Cleaning your mattress regularly and investing in a dehumidifier to help combat the humidity in your sleeping environment can be equally beneficial,” she adds.

How to choose

Like we said, finding the right mattress is crucial to your health and well-being, and Eichelberger agrees. “You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a new mattress—there are lots of affordable options out there,” she says. “But if money isn’t an issue for you, then go ahead and get the best one possible—you’ll never regret having spent that extra money on something that will help keep your body healthy and happy!”

Eichelberger suggests simplifying your search, by prioritizing factors like price, size, and mattress type. “You’ll definitely want to think about how much space you have, what kind of mattress you’re looking for, and how much you’re willing to spend,” she explains.

The type of mattress and the features it offers are important aspects to consider. You’ll want something that can adequately accommodate your sleeping position and key preferences, whether that be cooling benefits, or a little extra support and contouring.

How we picked:

These beds are made with similar materials, but each has its own design and features, which we considered when choosing the best options.

Since these are luxury brands, the mattresses are a bit more expensive. That said, we tried to provide options for a variety of budgets.

We considered our expert’s input when researching each of these mattresses, and when choosing which to include.

We read a ton of reviews for each of these mattresses, and considered the good and the bad.

Our picks for the best mattresses from Tempur-Pedic & Sleep Number:


  • Temperature-regulating
  • Smart adjustable base is included with your purchase
  • Tracks your sleep & provides insights

Materials: Petroleum-based polyurethane foam, Latex-rubber blend

Sizes Available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split California King, FlexTop California King

Trial Period: 100 nights

Warranty: 10-year

Like all Sleep Number mattresses, this one has no shortage of features and capabilities. Armed with cooling and warming temperature controls, air flow, and SleepIQ technology, it’s temperature-regulating, supportive, and provides detailed insights on your sleep habits and patterns.

Even better, your purchase comes with the brand’s smart adjustable base—so you won’t have to purchase it separately. This is a more expensive option, but if you are looking for a bed that marries technology and comfort, it checks all the boxes.

Take it from this five-star reviewer: “Couldn’t believe how comfortable this bed was. After laying on it we were willing to pay the extra. The weightless feature and heat/cool was great.”


  • Supportive for all sleep positions
  • Firmness and comfort are adjustable on both sides
  • Uses SleepIQ tech to track and monitor sleep patterns

Materials: Petroleum-based polyurethane foam, Latex-rubber blend, Gel-infused foam

Sizes Available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split California King

Trial Period: 100 nights

Warranty: 15-year

Eichelberger likens this Sleep Number mattress to a cloud, and it’s not hard to see why. “The bed is made of foam that conforms to your body, which, in turn, helps you get a deep, restful sleep,” she tells mindbodygreen. “The bed also offers great support for your back and joints, so you don’t wake up with aches and pains in the morning.” 

Like all Sleep Number products, this bed uses SleepIQ tech to adequately track and monitor sleep patterns. It’s also a hit with reviewers, and has thousands of five-star reviews to boot.

The bulk of the feedback on this mattress can be summed up by one review: “This is the best bed in the world. This bed is so good that I am going to get one for every member of my family. Everyone in the world needs this bed!”


  • Pressure-relieving
  • Two firmness options

Materials: TEMPUR® memory foam

Sizes Available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split California King

Trial Period: 90 days

Warranty: 10-year

With two firmness options and layers of the brand’s proprietary memory foam material, this bed will keep you comfortable and supported throughout the night. “It’s medium-firm so it could work for a lot of sleepers,” Chapman says.

We’ve included this mattress in our picks for stomach and side sleepers, and also recommend it for those sleeping with a partner. “The strong motion isolation also makes it great for couples,” Chapman agrees.

Keep in mind, memory foam tends to sleep warm—so this mattress is not the best choice for hot sleepers. That said, this can be easily remedied by adding a cooling topper to your mattress.


  • Cooling
  • Even weight distribution
  • Contours to your body

Materials: TEMPUR® foam

Sizes Available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split California King

Trial Period: 90 days

Warranty: 10-year

Thanks to four layers of supportive foam, this mattress is essential for sleepers who are in need of support, cooling benefits, and even weight distribution. It’s pressure-relieving, to prevent tossing and turning—but also has minimal motion transfer, so if you do toss a little, you won’t wake up your partner.

“This mattress has memory foam that makes it feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud: it conforms to your body shape and supports all parts of your body as you move through the night—even if one side of your body is heavier than the other,” Eichelberger says. “Plus, it also has cooling gel technology that keeps you cool throughout the night so that you stay comfortable throughout the night.”

The takeaway.

While these two brands are on the more expensive side, and are not the most sustainable, Tempur-Pedic and Sleep Number both make mattresses that are supportive, comfortable, and built to last. Just make sure to always keep your own sleep style, position, and preferences in mind as you determine which is right for you. If you are looking for something more sustainable, check out our picks for the best non-toxic mattresses.