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September 24, 2022 — 11:02 AM

Love is in the air this week as Mercury retrograde finally draws to a close and Venus gets cozy in her home sign of Libra. Here’s your horoscope, from The AstroTwins.

You may discover the right balance of “hit the gas” and “ride the brakes” this Wednesday, September 28, when speed racer Mars in Gemini harmonizes in a dynamic duet with slow-and-steady Saturn in Aquarius.

Although these two planets operate at very different paces, they are both touring breezy air signs. Still, this is not the moment to zip ahead without a solid plan in place. Saturn is the ruler of time and doesn’t mind being the tortoise to impulsive Mars’ hare. Use this planetary pairing to pop the hood and give those big ideas a tune-up, ensuring that everything is running like a well-oiled machine. From there it will be easy to move the needle on stalled projects without “scratching the vinyl” in haste. Make sure that anything you do has a sound strategy behind it but also leaves room for at least a little bit of spontaneity.

Thursday’s mission: Elevate, luxuriate, decorate!

Beauty queen Venus dons the homecoming tiara, strutting onto Libra’s native soil for her annual visit.

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This is home base for the love planet, which means she operates at her fullest strength here. Willpower, on the other hand, may be at its weakest while Venus is in Libra. Good luck controlling yourself in the face of temptation—the one thing Libra Oscar Wilde could not resist.

If you’re in a relationship, make this your second, third—or fifteenth!—honeymoon phase. Push past resistance and stop keeping score. Romantic energy is contagious now—at least with the right people. The extra effort you make to tune in to your love interest can get stalled engines turning. Situationships may evolve into exclusive relationships over the coming few weeks. With Venus in gentle Libra, slow and steady devotion wins the race. Dial down the pressure, dial up the sweet gestures and charm. And pace yourself on Saturday when “more is more” Jupiter faces off with Venus and sends all common sense flying out the window!

Scrambled signals are clearing up on Sunday, October 2.

This weekend, messenger Mercury ends an agitating retrograde that began on September 9 in Libra—and rounded out its second half in anxious Virgo starting September 23. Relationships were particularly unstable while Mercury backed up through Libra which may have led to obsessing and “strategizing” that got you nowhere fast. That all changes this Sunday!

As the cosmic communicator powers forward through sanity-restoring Virgo until October 10, logic reigns supreme. What to do with this earthy, orderly energy? Get obsessed with systematizing and simplifying. Color-code your bookshelves and purge processed junk food from your fridge. Straighten out your schedule and do your level best to achieve “inbox zero.” Rejig your budget and have any necessary conversations about money that you’ve been putting off.

Since Virgo loves wellness, accessorize with your fitness tracker and create an October workout plan. Just be careful not to hop on the latest fad. That gemstone-infused, activated-charcoal healing tonic sounds divine, but uh, could you whip one up at home? Pin that recipe!

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