Seeing This Spiritual Sign Can Mean You Need To Be More Selfish

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September 19, 2022 — 23:01 PM

Each of the 78 cards in a traditional tarot deck has its own unique meaning, and if you happen to pull a card and set it down in the reversed direction, the meaning can actually change a bit. In the case of the Queen of Wands card, here’s what to know if you pull it in reverse.

Queen of Wands reversed meaning.

In tarot readings, the Queen of Wands is a passionate, powerful, and progressive figure, according to spiritual author and tarot expert Claire Goodchild. The symbolism in this card is deep, featuring a queen seated on a throne, with a staff in one hand and a sunflower in the other. Often, a black cat is seen sitting at her feet, and the throne depicts two lions fighting above her head.

“Because she is brimming with creative energy, the Queen of Wands is a welcome addition to any tarot reading, whether she appears in an upright or reversed position,” Goodchild says.

Upright, this card encourages you to take risks and chances to better your personal circumstances, she explains, noting that no matter what challenges or obstacles you face, you will have the resources and confidence to see yourself through to the other side.

When the Queen of Wands is reversed, on the other hand, Goodchild says the card is asking you to consider options carefully before making a decision. “You have all the knowledge and the skills you need to be successful, but you don’t want to rush the process,” she adds.

How to connect with this card.

In any tarot reading, it’s important to connect to your entire deck, as well as the individual cards you pull. According to Goodchild, the Queen of Wands relates to art and other creative pursuits, so the best way to connect with her energy is to find passion and beauty in your day-to-day life. 

“This could be in the form of decorating your space with a painting that inspires you, or by having fresh flowers in your bathroom when you get ready,” she says, adding, “You may also feel connected to her energy through physical movements, such as dance or vinyasa yoga.”

According to Goodchild, when we’re in touch with both our body and surroundings, we become the manifestation of this queen’s energy. For more on how to connect with your cards, check out our full guide to tarot readings.

In a love & relationship reading.

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If you pulled the Queen of Wands in reverse in a reading about love or relationships, Goodchild says it’s a sign that you should start putting your own wants and needs first. “A little selfishness is OK from time to time, but take care that you aren’t walking all over your partner for the sake of yourself,” she adds. 

This card reversed here can also serve as a warning to keep your temper and jealousy in check, she adds. “Issues surrounding fidelity and self-esteem should be approached patiently and with compassion so you don’t accidentally hurt someone you love,” Goodchild tells mbg.

As tarot reader and founder of Witchy Wellness Leah Vanderveldt previously told mbg, the Queen of Wands in reverse in a love reading also encourages you to ask yourself how you can feel the way you want to feel on your own. “Confidence comes from action, so find small steps you can take to shift how you’re showing up to your relationship or desired relationship in a way that feels true to you,” she says.

In a career & finances reading.

In a reading about professional or financial matters, the Queen of Wands in reverse can be a sign that you’re feeling overworked and underappreciated, according to Goodchild. “The good news,” she says, “is those bad feelings won’t last forever.”

In fact, the Queen of Wands reversed here can be a sign that it’s time to find a new career where your creative talents are more appreciated, she tells mbg. “If you can’t leave your current job, you should brainstorm ways to make the mundane tasks a little more fun.”

In terms of money, pulling this card in reverse may be a sign you’ve been a bit overzealous with your spending and need to reel it in. Goodchild says this card reminds us not to indulge too much and get ourselves in a financial mess. “If money management has been an issue for you in the past, it might be time to invest in a personal finance course or meet with an experienced adviser,” she adds.

In a reading about challenges.

Often we ask the tarot for guidance if we’re facing a particular challenge or issue, and when the Queen of Wands appears in reverse here, she can actually be one of your best allies, according to Goodchild.

“She is a reminder to remain true to yourself and not be afraid to let your inner light shine. Ask yourself: What makes you unique? Your talents and gifts will help you to overcome anything standing in your way,” she tells mbg.

And according to Vanderveldt, the Queen of Wands here also encourages us to come back to the things we love. “Start to integrate those into your everyday. Make space for them and commit to them,” she previously noted.

Overall, Goodchild says this card in reverse is all about having the strength and courage to keep going in the face of adversity and remain focused on the goals you’re working toward.

Pulling any card in reverse can seem ominous initially. But really, it’s just an opportunity to view things you have been avoiding in a new way. If you pulled the Queen of Wands in reverse, consider it supportive encouragement to believe in yourself and focus on doing what lights you up.

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