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September 7, 2022 — 10:15 AM

With every full moon, energy builds up to a culmination of sorts, setting the stage for release and cosmic shifts. This month, we’ve got a full moon in the sign of spiritual Pisces, and there’s a good chance it’s going to feel pretty intense. Here’s what to know, plus how to work with this full moon.

The astrology behind this full moon.

The full moon peaks at 5:58 a.m. EST on Saturday, September 10. According to astrologer Jennifer Racioppi, it lands in the sign of Pisces (the very last sign of the zodiac wheel) and will be opposite (180 degrees) the sun in Virgo.

“It’s a deeply spiritual full moon—it’s so introspective,” she tells mbg. Racioppi notes there are other astrological influences at play as well right now, such as six retrograde planets and some significant astrological “aspects,” or angles, between the planets.

The sun-moon opposition, she says, combines Virgo’s ability to return to self, with Pisces’ deep reflection and spiritual insight. Plus, the moon is conjunct with Neptune, which is Pisces’ ruling planet. Basically, that Neptune influence is going to amp up the Piscean themes of spirituality and emotion in the week ahead.

And then, Racioppi says, we have Uranus forming a sextile to the moon, with Uranus being the “Great Awakener,” stirring breakthroughs and even disruption. “Uranus is saying, ‘Hey, there are new and exciting ways of being here,'” she adds. “So expect the unexpected, look for that which isn’t obvious, and be creative.”

How to work with this energy.

How you decide to honor this Pisces full moon is up to you, whether you opt for a moon circle, a full moon ritual, or even a spiritual bath (which would be great given the moon is in a water sign). That said, Racioppi does note there are some key things to keep in mind as you navigate this lunar event.

“Who you are today isn’t who you were yesterday, and nor is it who you’ll be tomorrow,” she says, “So what do you need to do right now to adapt and grow into a more spiritually expanded version of yourself?”

As emotions may come in strong during this moon, Racioppi says the focus is on being able to hold your sorrow and your regret while making powerful decisions on behalf of who you want to become. She recommends doing an exercise to get in touch with your “future self,” whether you meditate on it or journal. Here are some questions she suggests asking yourself:

  • Who is my future self and how are they behaving and/or acting?
  • How is my future self different from who I am right now?
  • Who will I become if I don’t make any changes?
  • How do these changes play out?

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“Lean into the Uranian aspects of letting yourself be your truest self. There’s a lot of intuitive answers coming, a lot of breakthroughs—but it’s not necessarily time to take action,” Racioppi says. “It’s time to sit, reflect, review, and rewind. Attune and atone.”

There’s nothing like a Pisces full moon to stir up emotions. While this weekend’s full moon may feel heavy, it’s also an open invitation to lean in, transmute, and ultimately let go.

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