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We're In For A Topsy-Turvy Week, And Astrologers Want You To Stay Alert

August 27, 2022 — 11:31 AM

Quick, grab your helmet and set up the nets! There’s a fierce determination in the air this week, according to the AstroTwins’ horoscope.

On Thursday, two daredevil planets, Mars and Jupiter, form a friendly sextile (60-degree angle) and pump us full of courage.

When it comes to taking precautions, it tends to be “Safety Third” for this cosmic duo—and we’ll all have to manage our reckless impulsivity during this amusement park ride of a transit.

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Since energetic Mars is powering it up in loquacious Gemini, it’s time to make every statement count! Even more so since truth-telling Jupiter is retrograde in unbridled Aries. Words can create worlds of magic near Thursday, September 1, or feel like shots fired if you weaponize your message. We recommend staying on the productive side of the fence. So much can be accomplished through the power of partnership this week, but it’s just as easy to start a war.

Opinions, opinions! Everyone’s an “expert” this Friday, when mouthy Mercury in Libra faces down know-it-all Jupiter, who is retrograde in Aries.

But folks might be preaching advice with limited information. Before you get hooked by the hype, take time to research what you’ve heard—and check a few credible sources. Throughout the day, it could feel like everyone is carrying on their own conversation, while not listening to what anyone else has to say. Try not to add to the cacophony. If you have to fight to be heard, then you’re probably wasting your breath.

Map out your vision on paper, then pitch it on a day when people are more open to input. For now, your best bet is to pop in your earbuds, turn on the white noise station (or your favorite productivity music) and drown out the drama. Is someone trying to sell you on a big idea? If it sounds too good to be true, this starmap practically ensures that it is.

What’s a mirage and what’s material truth? Saturday’s quarter moon shines its balancing beams into Sagittarius, the zodiac’s authenticity cop.

The good news is that you can stop strategizing and just keep it real. You might even pull back the curtain on one of your own secrets, either sharing your formula for success or revealing one of your harder-won lessons. But if you’ve been trying to “compensate” for a mistake that’s been keeping you awake at night, look out! Against your will, these moonbeams could break the news like the planetary paparazzi.

A wise move? Get ahead of the story by spilling the beans yourself. Even if the confession feels excruciating in the moment, you know what they say—the truth will set you free. Of course, there is such a thing as TMH (Too Much Honesty). You might spare people a few of the sordid details and paint in broader brushstrokes. This will give people a chance to process any initial shock or upset without having to picture every agonizing play-by-play.

Since Sagittarius is the sign of broader horizons, this quarter moon could nudge you to sign up for that life-changing travel experience (especially before next Friday, September 9, when Mercury turns retrograde!) or enroll in advanced training. Since this is a moderate quarter moon, your journey doesn’t have to involve a 30-hour flight or a university degree. Think: four-day weekends and six weekly workshops, either IRL or perhaps via game-changing webinars.

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