Don't Ignore This Spiritual Sign That Your Relationship Could Use More Honesty

August 17, 2022 — 11:05 AM

Whether you’re looking for insights into your past, present, or future, tarot readings can offer answers—but it certainly helps to know what the cards mean. If you pulled the Queen of Swords in a reading, here’s how to interpret what it could be telling you about love, career, and more.

What does the Queen of Swords card mean?

The Queen of Swords card represents the archetype of the editor, the wisdom keeper, and the wise woman, according to tarot expert and founder of Witchy Wellness Leah Vanderveldt

“As with all court cards, they can represent both others in our lives and (especially) aspects of ourselves that we’re being encouraged to explore and call upon,” she explains.

This queen, and the suit of swords in general, is associated with the air signs (which are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius), making the Queen of Swords a figure who is tapped into their intellect and the knowledge they’ve garnered from experience and observation.

At the same time, Vanderveldt adds, the Queen of Swords possesses a strong sense of “just knowing.” “[This card] is deliberate and decisive, with a razor-sharp sense of humor,” she says.

What does it mean for love & relationships?

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If you pulled the Queen of Swords card in a reading about love or a relationship, Vanderveldt says it’s telling you to identify the truth at the heart of the situation and—to put it bluntly—cut through any B.S. standing in your way. The card is asking you to share with your partner from a place of honesty and detached openness.

“This [card] can be a great support when having discussions about the terms and conditions of a relationship, or communicating your desires and needs,” she tells mbg.

When pulled in reverse in a love reading, the Queen of Swords card is asking you where you’re not being honest with yourself about what you want, Vanderveldt explains.

Whether you need to renegotiate boundaries, have more alone time, or ask for a stronger commitment, this Queen is encouraging you to speak up. In short, pulling the card is a sign that it’s time to get clear on what you truly need, Vanderveldt says, and go from there.

What does it mean for professional & financial matters?

In a reading about your career or finances, the upright Queen of Swords indicates you know what the right move is for you. “This Queen embodies the feeling side of intellect, so they’re able to make decisions based on a winning combo of keen instinct and lessons learned,” Vanderveldt says.

She adds that while this queen card may not be the easiest or warmest of the deck to work with, she is incredibly smart, and you would likely benefit from leaning into that energy. “This might be a call to review your finances, make a budget or a financial plan, and start setting up practical systems of support that will help you achieve your dreams—like perhaps working for yourself,” Vanderveldt notes, adding that this queen card loves to fly solo. 

“Tap into your clear knowing, or claircognizance, to help you make a call,” she suggests.

In reverse, this card in a career or finance reading is a call to leverage the Queen of Swords’ superpowers for boundary-setting, clarity, and tough love. This will help you create more autonomy and balance in your life, Vanderveldt explains.

“Beware of anything that you’d describe as ‘good on paper’—this queen knows when something is off, even slightly,” she adds.

What does it mean for challenges that lie ahead?

If you’ve asked the cards about challenges that lie ahead (or even challenges you’re currently facing), Vanderveldt explains that the biggest challenge with the Queen of Swords is harshness or judgment, especially toward yourself.

When pulled upright, “Use their biting wit for humor, not for hurt. And remember, make space and time to enjoy yourself,” she suggests.

Pulling the Queen of Swords in reverse during a reading about challenges could be an indication that you’re isolating yourself or closing yourself off from others in an unhealthy way, according to Vanderveldt.

“While it might be a defense mechanism that helped you cope and kept you safe many moons ago, it could be eroding your sense of confidence and purpose now. Radical honesty with yourself is needed,” she says.

Each and every tarot card has a unique meaning and message to share. And if you pull the Queen of Swords, you’re either riding an empowered, intelligent, and wise wave—or it’s about time to hop on.

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