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What An Astrologer Wants Every Zodiac Sign To Know About This Week's Full Moon

August 10, 2022 — 9:27 AM

We’re coming off an astrologically-charged few days following the opening of the Lion’s Gate portal on August 8, but don’t be fooled—it’s not time to slow down yet. We’ve got a full moon in Aquarius coming this Thursday, August 11, and depending on your sign, there are a few things to know.

Here’s what’s in store for you this full moon based on your sign, according to astrologer Kayse Budd, M.D. (and P.S.—be sure to check your sun, moon, and rising sign).

There’s a lot to unpack this full moon for you, Aries, as it lands in your 11th house of social and friend connections, hopes, and inspirations. And according to Budd, thanks to the moon conjunct Saturn, you may have some challenges in store around a friend or group event.

Jupiter has also been loosely conjunct Chiron in Aries for a few months now, she explains, which is continuously bringing up themes of healing, as well as spiritual learning and growth. “Travel and learning related to healing is encouraged for much of this and part of next year,” Budd adds.

Mars (your ruler) is in Taurus right now, forming a trine Pluto, which Budd says may give you some extra grounding and power for transformation, as well.

The professional spotlight is on you right now, Taurus, as the full moon in Aquarius activates your 10th house of career and public image. “There may be an acceptance of an opportunity that results in a greater commitment to your work,” Budd tells mbg, noting, “There could also be a challenge peaking in that area that needs to be resolved.”

Because Mars, Uranus, and the north node are all in your sign, she adds, the challenge may be best resolved by a change in approach. “Changes and transformation in your life, in general, are likely throughout the summer. Home improvement projects may be underway, and communication with your children, if you have them, is supported right now,” she explains.

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Feeling expansive, Gemini? Budd tells mbg that this full moon lights up your ninth house of travel and learning. You may just be making a new educational commitment at this time, or even working through a legal issues of some kind. “On the positive, a publication is possible,” she says, adding, “A favorable change of some kind is developing for some Geminis, as your ruler Mercury is approaching a trine with the north node-Uranus conjunction.”

Siblings may also be a focus at the moment, if you have them, and if you happen to be a teacher, Budd notes you should feel that talent invigorated by this moon. “Take time to express yourself to your family right now. Your ruler Mercury is in earthy Virgo, making you more grounded an analytical than usual,” she says.

This moon could be a heavy one for you, Cancer, as it’s happening in your eighth house of transformation and rebirth. “You may be experiencing a transformation of sorts, perhaps even a scare or psychological test or initiation. In some cases, there could be a reckoning with your mortality or facing a latent psychological issue, and you may feel thwarted or frustrated,” Budd tells mbg.

In addition to transformation, she notes there is also the possibility of a change regarding how you serve or impact your community. There’s also a strong possibility of a financial blessing, she says, adding that finances are “definitely a sub-focus after the psychological aspects right now.”

Happy birthday to you, Leo! While the full moon may be in Aquarius (and your seventh house of relationships), it’s still your season—which you likely haven’t forgotten. Nevertheless, you’ll still want to keep your wits about you. According to Budd, the moon conjunct Saturn in your seventh house could cause some disruption on the relationship front.

“People can make, renew, or rekindle a commitment or connection under these conditions. Others may reach a point of clarity and coolness in their relationship and choose to take a step back,” she explains.

The element of surprise is also possible, thanks to the strong position of unpredictable Uranus during this full moon, she adds. “The upcoming week may feel a bit limiting with your ruler, the sun, opposing Saturn. Fundamentally, however, you shine—so, glide through that Saturn shadow, feeling supported by the grace of Venus. She’s transiting your sign the next few weeks,” Budd tells mbg.

This full moon is set to activate your sixth house of health and service, Virgo. According to Budd, you could be grappling with a health challenge, or the feeling of being held back in some way at work. “There may be a disagreement, or just a boring and overly regimented superior who seems to block your way,” she tells mbg, adding, “You ruler (Mercury) is in your own sign right now, however, and this is favorable for your ability to articulate your perspective.”

And thanks to Mercury’s position, you may have been extra talkative or analytical, possibly prone to anxiety, this week as the full moon approached. If you are indeed experiencing a health challenge, she says, open your heart and mind to the possibility of transformation and healing, adding to “try to trust the universe and reach a higher perspective regarding whatever work or health situation has manifested.”

Feeling creative, Libra? You very well may be under the light of this full moon, as it falls in your fifth house of creativity—and fertility and children. Budd explains you may experience some kind of emotional experience with one of your children, which can feel like a restriction, “but it is ultimately part of their path—and yours.”

And on a positive note, she says that your social life is flourishing at the moment. “Friends are around, and you may be entertaining and/or meeting new people,” she tells mbg, adding, “With your ruler, Venus, in expressive Leo, this is a good time to be creative and share your love with those around you.”

Home and family is the name of the game for you this full moon, Scorpio, happening in your domestic fourth house. You may be experiencing a change or shift on the home front, whether it be leaving a home, or separating from family for a while, Budd says. “Feeling thwarted or limited in the home environment or having a disagreement with a family member are other possibilities. There could even be a physical or structural issue with your house or apartment,” she explains.

But have no fear—according to Budd, any difficulties or changes are ultimately moving you forward, offering you an opportunity to reevaluate your priorities regarding home, and enabling you to more effectively work towards the situation you desire. “On the positive, your career may be having a small moment, including an opportunity to shine or be seen. Your relationship with a sibling may also be transforming,” Budd says.

Watch out for communication issues around this full moon, Sag, as it lights up your third house of communication, but also squares challenging Saturn. Budd tells mbg you may experience some miscommunication or frustration, potentially around a change in your work or your health. Alternatively, though, there’s the opportunity to be more precise and disciplined regarding the way you communicate, she says.

“On a happy and classically Sag note, you may find yourself traveling, exploring a new hobby, or starting a class or course of some kind,” Budd explains, adding, “There could be good news regarding your children, if you have any, or a blessing coming your way (or received) due to your ruler Jupiter forming a favorable trine with Venus during this moon.”

Mind on your money and money on your mind? Most likely, Capricorn, with the full moon falling in your second house of finances and stability. The bad news is, the moon is conjunct restrictive Saturn, so a financial setback is possible, according to Budd—but receiving an inheritance or some other benefit is also possible, so don’t start manifesting trouble just yet.

In the case of a setback, “just know that taking care of it will help you learn from the situation and improve your actions with similar situations moving forward,” Budd tells mbg.

Should things go smoothly for you this full moon, she adds that you may enjoy a good mood and a nice mental health moment, and possibly even a favorable transformation or transition. “Some of you are making a move right now or home improvement—expect some challenges with that, as well as joys,” she adds.

Prepare to shine under the full moon’s spotlight, Aquarius, as it lands in your sign and your first house of self, identity, and beginnings. As Budd explains, the focus here is on you, including how you present yourself, how you see yourself, your self-esteem, and how you assert yourself and your willpower.

“You may be experiencing a touch of frustration, restriction, or depression in one of those areas, since Saturn is a heavy influence in this part of your chart/life,” Budd says. But try not to stress too much, as Saturn is teaching you how to dig deeper. “In doing so, you establish a more solid foundation from which to base your feelings or actions,” she notes, adding Saturn may also be helping you better care for yourself, if mood, motivation, or esteem challenges are present. “Seek support if feeling low—you’re going to grow from the healing process!” she tells mbg.

In terms of relationships, Budd notes some Aquarians may likely be experiencing a relationship pinnacle, or a new connection (whether romantic, or otherwise). “Communication is highlighted right now, and there’s a healing opportunity within the sharing and expression,” she says, adding, “There could be something unexpected or especially important (an event or realization) for you in this full moon, since your ruler Uranus is in a strong square to the moon.”

This may be an emotional full moon for you, Pisces—but it’s nothing you can’t handle! Budd tells mbg this moon is going to light up your 12th house of secrets and the unconscious, which may bring a bit of loneliness or disconnection, due to Saturn’s influence with this moon.

“You may feel a little heavier, emotionally, than normal. The burdens of the world may feel more intense or serious,” she explains. But on the bright side, “you may have a promising work opportunity or occasion to serve, your health may get a boost, and some of you may even get a pet,” Budd notes.

Something unexpected could come up regarding a sibling, she says, adding to be extra mindful and patient regarding communication or travel, if on a short journey. “Disruptions are likely and finances are tricky at the moment, with possible gains due to work opportunities but also a possible loss,” she says, adding to accept both with grace and learn from them, should they occur.

We all have something in store under this full moon. The sign of Aquarius is all about shaking things up and doing things differently, so no matter your sign, embrace that energy and take it all in stride.

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