On August 3-7, 2022, in Madison, WI, reigning five-time Fittest Woman on Earth®, Tia-Clair Toomey, will attempt to become the most successful individual CrossFit athlete of all time at the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games. To prepare for a possible sixth consecutive CrossFit Games title, Toomey regularly trains with her coach and husband, Shane Orr — who founded and owns PRVN Fitness.

With this year’s edition of the CrossFit Games on the horizon, Toomey saw fit to share a peek at the “World’s Fittest Women’s Garage Gym” on July 12, 2022, over her YouTube channel. While it’s not their only facility, Toomey and Orr regularly use the garage gym location to train. The gym is located in Nashville, TN.

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What’s in the Fittest Garage Gym

Toomey begins the tour by showing off a rack of medicine balls and dumbbells in the front. The gym is primarily used for PRVN’s fitness programming, and these pieces of equipment play a significant role. Per Toomey, there aren’t any 70-pound dumbbells because the gym’s space isn’t necessarily about maximizing pure power and strength. For similar reasons, the top weight of the medicine balls for wall balls is 20 pounds.

A Rogue Echo Bike flanks the rack of equipment. Toomey says she likes using the bike for its stability and because it’s a quality way to work on cardio in the event of any joint pains. Alongside the bike is a rig with a pull-up bar that lets Toomey perform some standard CrossFit movements like muscle-ups, toes-to-bar, as well as dead hangs. The rig also has J-hooks that can hold a loaded barbell, allowing Toomey to perform exercises like back squats and front squats.

Next to the rig, there are assortments of weight plates, an identical second rig, and a plyometric box. The collars for the barbells are magnetic and attach to the beams of the rigs.

The back of the gym houses a second Rogue Echo Bike and a Concept 2 BikeErg. The floor by these bikes has a pair of kettlebells, and the wall above them has some fractional weight plates hanging. There is a Rogue Monster lite rack that can fold into the wall for more overall space in the gym.

Finally, in the corner, there’s a rowing machine that can stand upright to save space, along with a pair of barbells. There’s a staircase next to the rowing machine, and a whiteboard in front of those stairs — which athletes use to write out training routines.

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The 2022 CrossFit Games Are Next

Toomey captured first place during the 2022 CrossFit Quarterfinals. She followed that performance by winning her leg of the CrossFit Semifinal — the 2022 Torian Pro. Such output might indicate Toomey is ready to make CrossFit history and win her sixth straight Games championship. She might have to overcome 2021 CrossFit Rookie of the Year Mal O’Brien, who has been training with the person Toomey could surpass in terms of all-time Games wins — the retired five-time Fittest Man on Earth®, Mat Fraser.

Winning another CrossFit Games will be a tall task for Toomey, but it’s certainly nothing out of the ordinary based on her already legendary career.

Featured image: @tiaclair1 on Instagram