On June 29, 2022, weightlifter Olivia Reeves clean and jerked 138 kilograms (304.2 pounds) during the 2022 USA Weightlifting National Championships in Las Vegas, NV.

This lift is a new Senior American weightlifting record for the 71-kilogram division. Reeves surpasses Kate Vibert’s (formerly Kate Nye) 137-kilogram (302-pound) clean & jerk from the 2019 International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) Junior World Championships.

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Vibert has technically since surpassed that strength feat, with a 138-kilogram clean & jerk but that was while competing as a 76-kilogram weightlifter. However, with a body weight of 70.7 kilograms at the time of her 2019 lift, she remains the lightest American women’s athlete to clean & jerk at least 300 pounds, according to hookgrip. Reeves just barely missed out on that milestone as her body weight was 70.72 kilograms during the 2022 USA Weightlifting Nationals.

Nonetheless, Reeves can still lay claim to the official American clean & jerk 71-kilogram division record.

Reeves at a Glance

In addition to her American clean & jerk record, Reeves scored personal competition bests on her best snatch and total. Here are the American athlete’s top stats from this competition:

Olivia Reeves (71KG) | 2022 USA Weightlifting National Championships

  • Snatch — 110 kilograms (242.5 pounds) | All-Time Competition Best 
  • Clean & Jerk — 138 kilograms (304.2 pounds) | American Record
  • Total — 248 kilograms (546.7 pounds) | All-Time Competition Best 

Reeves’ gold medal result and clean & jerk record at this contest fall in line with the quality start to her young career. Here are the complete results from her growing resume:

Olivia Reeves | Complete Career Results

  • 2019 IWF Youth World Championships (71KG) — Second place
  • 2020 Rogue Weightlifting Challenge (71KG) — First place
  • 2021 IWF Junior World Championships (71KG) — First place
  • *2020 Pan-American Junior Championships (71KG) — First place
  • 2021 Junior Pan American Games (76KG) — First place
  • 2021 IWF World Championships (71KG) — Fourth place
  • 2022 IWF Junior World Championships (71KG) — Second place
  • 2022 USA Weightlifting National Championships (71KG) — First place

*Occurred in Summer 2021 after a postponement from the original date.

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Notably, in a mid-May 2022 demonstration of her leg strength, Reeves hit a 200-kilogram (440.9-pound) squat personal record (PR). The back squat may not be one of the main Olympic weightlifting movements where Reeves places most of her competitive energy.

That said, her squat PR is roughly 30 pounds more than Vibert’s top figure — who is approximately five years older. If Reeves is matching and surpassing a 2020 Tokyo Olympian in multiple avenues, it could portend great things for her future as a serious contender at the 2024 Paris Olympics. She would have to overcome Vibert for the American 71-kilogram division roster spot, who is currently training for the contest.

What’s Next

While Reeves hasn’t confirmed it at the time of this writing, she will likely aim to gain a spot with Team USA for the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics. Should Reeves qualify, it would be her first-ever Olympic Games. By the time that competition rolls around, if she continues her torrid pace, Reeves could be one of Team USA’s premier stars.

Featured image: @usa_weightlifting on Instagram